Scientist creates "hangover-free alcohol"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by japseyewarrior, Apr 13, 2006.

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  2. So: Standard alcohol - Fun = This new alcohol?
  3. So you won't get drunk and you won't have a hangover - no matter how much you drink.

    Absolutely stupid idea because if you don't get drunk then in all likelihood people will continue drinking as if it's a soft drink and unlesss they remove the alcohol from the drink then the amounts of alcohol consumed and absorbed into the system is more likely to be damaging or even have the potential for being at levels which are fatal.

    A BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) of .15 (BAC is given as milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood (mg/100ml) would cause low level drinkers to pass out. .2 is seriously boozed and whilst .4 is considered to be the fatal dose, your average plonker checks out at around .35.

    Think this is science being clever but unwise unless they include something to make you puke at around .2 (there are companies working on this so that you stay below the 80mg/100ml legal limit) and that would remove the benefits of having this in the first place.

    Of course hangovers are down to dehydration and other effects of alcohol so can't see how this works in the morning - would have been better news on April the first!

  4. Just realised that prof. Nutt (clue there?) and his take the pill and sober up claim.

    Does he sell snake oli as well? The effects might have gone but if one was stopped, so too has the licence.

    Beginning to think that this is an April fool.


    Addedd - having looked at the papers Prof Nutt has published on this - this triggers the body into behaving as if alcohol has been taken with out any entering the system. You can't drink any alcohol but you'll feel like you have. When you want to go home you simply popanother pill and the feelings of drunkeness leave you.

    Wow, how apealling!
  5. Padre,

    Are you not quoting figures in microgrammes per 100ml breath, rather than milligrammes blood? If memory serves, 80mg/100ml blood is equivalent to 35 mcg/100ml breath.
  6. Sorry I forgot what I was going to say
  7. The valued Dr Nutt seems to specialise in making statements that attract a lot of media attention. "Excuse me, can you tell me if this is the way to a Nobel prize?"
  8. Synth-ohol
    Oh my diety,
    Tis the science of STAR TREK come to haunt and bedevil us poor mortals.

    :wink: :p