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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Excognito, Aug 8, 2011.

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    If you had to build a temporary structure in your garden to house your Large Hadron Collier, as a scientist would you:

    A) Design it yourself and make it from 4x2, toungue and groove and a roll of ashphalt?
    B) Buy a B&Q flat-pack?
    C) Skip-Rat the job using pallets, old doors and plastic then claim it was eco-friendly?
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  2. you are bob the builder and i claim my broken transit van.
  3. As a scientist, I would subcontract the job. Given the budget I've got to work with, I think it will be more of a Small Hadron Collider ... well, Very Small Hadron Collider. Not sure if SWMBO will let me dig out a tunnel under the back garden, though - she was bad enough when I wanted a small pond for the frogs.
  4. Did C) a while ago. See the "Autumn season..."passim. It's more difficult than you may think. Did the haddocks no good whatsoever. But the electric eels were awesome