Science Fiction becoming reality?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Zero_Over, May 24, 2011.

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  1. Robots learning their own language:

    BBC News - Robots develop language to 'talk' to each other

    How long before we go from that to this?


    And before you assume I'm talking nonsense, here's some shameless propaganda from the russians:

    YouTube - Army of the Future: Russian combat Robots

    As far as I can see, the only limiting factor at the moment is the size and cost of components. With technology moving on so quickly that my phone has more processing power than my first PC, how long do you all think it'll be before robotic soldiers become much more plentiful on the battlefield?
  2. I hope its bloody soon, at the very least a wee robot to carry my bergan would be nice :)
  3. Or one to carry me home if I'm too drunk to find my way back... Hmmm, I must ring the Patent Office!
  4. Don't you own a car???!
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  5. That already exists. Its called a taxi.

    Or the duty driver if you are senior enough I suppose.
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  6. I'd like to think that most of us have at one point been too pissed to be allowed into a taxi. If not, you all need to step up your game a little bit!
  7. Good point, well presented.
    Back in the box for me. :)
  8. So what you're saying is that the "get me home" robot must be proofed against being vomited/pissed on, over-enthusiastic bezzering, amorous advances and kebab stains?
  9. Yes, and it must be able to provide a fake history of your journey so the missus doesn't find out what filthy nightclubs & red light areas you've been trawling in your drunken state.
  10. Don't you have a beer moped like the rest of us. Mine always knows the way home.....
  11. Always carry a piece of White Chalk in your top pocket, tell the Mem Sahib you've been out whoreing when asked.

    She will see the protruding piece of Chalk and will say "Lying twat, you've been down the pub playing Darts all night with your drunken mates"

    What, Luv, me, Luv, never.
  12. I for one hope they sort this robot stuff out sharpish.

    If they invented a T1000 style jobby that could morph into a perfect working replica of any celebrity female providing you show it a picture I'd never be bored ever again.

    "Oh, Kenny, I didn't know you were going out with Nikki Whelan?"

    "Yes... yes I am."
  13. A beer moped wouldn't help carry the stinking fat munters I pull. I need a beer JCB.