Discussion in 'ACF' started by SantaSpud, Dec 4, 2008.

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  1. I am in a ccf unit but I am going on an SCIC in february time and was wondering what it involves, how long it lasts and how physical it is.
    All answers appreciated thanks SS
  2. Did mine a few weeks ago now a fully fledged sergeant :D Just take loads of pens paper and pre printed lesson planes and it is fairly pyhsical with pt etc.
  3. Don't worry about the physical side, just be seen to be making a good consistent effort and give it your best. Your not training for war, so its effort and spirit that counts.

    Concentrate on the cerebral side though. I am always impressed by the quality of instruction given by SCIC graduates, and the more I can get on my detachment, the better. Take plenty of blank and some completed lesson plans, and between now and feb, try and do a complete lesson as lead DS, not assisting.

    No doubt you are a JCIC graduate, so you know what to expect, this is just the next level. Its all progressive training, so you can only fail if you make no effort.
  4. 1 week long,

    4 lessons to teach, SAA, Map and Compass, Drill and fieldcraft.

    a field ex and a night nav is included too.

    (at least that's how it was when i did it)

    best advice i can give, is be confident in your lessons, be sure you know what you're on about and rehearse your lessons thoroughly and you will do well.
  5. Are there and links to the lesson plans floating about??
  6. SS. Speak to your instructors, they should be able to assist you. If not (which is always possible), they can contact your CTT to get the info. Failing that, speak to those that have done it recently.
  7. Make sure you don't forget your mannual (APC syllabus could be handy as well) even though you know inside out all the lessons. Some CTT instructors are very strict and require from you to teach exactly by the mannual (even, if you don't teach anymore some of the lessons eg. mils). Watch out for I-will-break-you-down-on-any-occasion CTT guys, althought its CCF/ACF they teach, they still go by the army rules which often leads to misunderstanding and stupid situations you don't want to be in.

    And the most important things are: never ever get late, don't be a loner (even if all guys on SCIC are the most boring ever), don't be a posh-a*hole guy vawing around our rank (the rank doesnt matter for CTT guys) and have a good attitude at all time, whatever it takes - just go with a smile on your face and always work as a team. No matter how bad you are, they are looking for good attitude and they want to see you at least trying to achieve something.

    SAA - watch out for red bits in the mannual (NPS's)
    Drill - if you get the chance - learn and practice phraselogy
    Fieldcraft - ideally you should do it in the field, so make sure you make use of it best as you can do.
    Map&Compass - it probably will be your first lesson to teach, because its the easiest to do. The further you go on, the harder it is. If e.g. your last lessons will be fieldcraft, CTT guys will expect you to seriously improve your teaching skills by this time.

    And the other thing is - if they say something like you should practice more this or focus more on that, and so on - make sure you do, because they will remember and will check it by the next time and mark you on that, too.

    Even if they tell you to do something silly that you never ever did before back in your battalion - do it anyway, its just 10 (crazy) days, you get some extra experience, certificate and a brand new SCIC badge on your brassard.
  8. Right Simple As, I Did SCIC In Oct.
    If You Have 14 Cdt Trainin Team, I Feel Sorry For You.
    If You Have 3 Cdt Training Team, Say Hi To Dinger For Me

    umm.. As You're CCF, I Do Not Mean To Be Rude, But You're Gunna Be The Lower Bunch Of The Cadre.
    ACF Are Far More Trained + Experianced.. MAY I ADD, DO NOT TAKE OFFENCE!

    Umm.. TP's Are Simple, Jus Prep Everything, Trust
    Keep Going Over You're Lesson Plan's!
    But Do Not Exclude You're Self From Other Cadet's.
    Keep In The Socail Side, But Keep Up The TP's!

    Field Exersice.. Beware, You Will Be Tabbing In Will Full Kit, Most Cadet's Can't Take It
    Jus Keep You're Eye On The Bergan In Front Keep You're LEg's Going Wide And Run

    And You'll Be Tabbing Back As Well
    As An Experianced Cadet, The Field Exercise Is Rather Shite.
    You'll do A Platoon Attack The Last Morning In The Field, Ambush At Night And TP's When You First Go Out.

    PAck Warm Kit For Exercise, Coz If It's Lyk When I Did Mine, It Was Sooo Cold.. I Believe It Was In The Minus At One Stage.

    As For The First Morning, Make Sure You're Dress Is Prefect!
    Even So Prefect Every Day
    Boot's Bulled (Even At The Side's And Some CCF Cadet's Are Mong's)
    Beret Clean AND SHAPED!!
    Make Sure You Can Fecking March As Well.

    There Will Be Posting For Cdt Platoon Sgt, Platoon Commander So Keep You're Wit's About.
    During Teaching Your Lesson's, Try not To Go First Or Second.
    Watch The Other's, And Observe How They Teach, It's Help You In The Long Run.
    However I Must Stress, After A Cadet Has Taught, The Sgt Or Whoever Will Ask For Feedback For You Guy's
    Don't Be A Dik And Drop Them In The Shit, Help Em Out, Coz Then You'll Be Helped.
    Don't Be Quite And Sit There, Be One Of The Lad's Chat To Other's Don't Be A Loner.
    Be Confident With You're Self, But Not Cockey, That's Where I Fall, I Knew Th Manuel Well Know It Back To Front And I Knew My Lesson's Were Good.

    In The Drill Phase, Make Sure You're Personal Drill Is Good!
    Because You Are Also Marked On You're Appearance And Drill As Well As Teaching!
    Don't Panic If You **** Up, Jus Try To Recorrect It!
    And If You Do Miss Apart Of You're Lesson Out For Example "Revision" Say At The End, I Missed Out The ... Ect

    Make Sure You're SAA Is Good, Because As Soon As You Get There "Beckingham I Think) You Will Sit A SAA Test, You Only Get One Chance To Pass This.

    And Don't Be Afraid To Ask For Help.
    And Don't Be A **** To People, Because Then They'll Drop You In Tha Shit,.

    And Jus Another Little Note, When You Are On Exersice It's Cold + Wet, Make A Smile On Ya Face, Crack A Joke Lift Up Morale.

    Simple Eh,
    Dunna If I Missed Anything Out Lmao.
    Good Luck.

    And If You Do Have 14 Cdt Training Team, Beware Of Tha Nazi.
    You'll Understand When You're There.

    Sgt W.
    Beds Not Hert's ACF.
  9. Also May I Add To My Other Post, That The Training Team Here, They Are Not Cdt Adult's.
    There Reg's That Form Training Team's For Cdt's!
    They Will Swear And **** You About, So Don't Cry.

    Make Sure You Have Pleanty Of Blank Paper And Pencils and Pen's!
    Empty Lesson Plan's And APC'S!
    And For those Of You That Are ACF, The Lesson's Are Near Enough, JCIC Level
    But Marking Is Tougher.

    It'll Make A Better Cdt Out Of Anyone This Course Will, The Only Thing That Spoiled It For Me Was CCF.
    Although There Was Some Good One's Eg. Our Platoon Commander He Was Good, And 3 Or 4 Other's!

    Lesson's Are Simple.
    Map + Compass
    Jus Point T Note Here.. By The Time You End Up Doing You're Fieldcraft, CCF Cadet Are Expected To Teach At A Good Standard.

    Also Beware The Room's Are Shitttt.
    Our Heating Didn't Work, And There Was A Hole In The Wall Behide My Locker.

    Iron Would Be Usefull Aswell, Two Pair's Of Boot's.. One For Field Exercise.. Obb
    For Those In ACF, Teaching Standard's Should Be Good Or Above Average Anyway.. Ie.. JCIC And Teaching In Unit's Or At Company Level.

    Remember Chin Up And Keep Movition Going!

    Good Luck.

    You'll Proberly Need It As You're CFF ;)
    Jokkkes But Still Good Luck
  10. Ok thanks for the info shall use it well :)
  11. Callum-Almighty - some good point there. :D

    Well, even more than perfect. The truth is - if they pick up on you anything at all in the first morning - they will always find something for the rest of the course.

    Boot's Bulled - be careful with that. On my SCIC our CSM was guy from Scott Guards - picky as hell if it comes to kit and turnout. First of all - if one say that ones boots are bulled because thats what it say in the Manual - he will ask you to show him where exactly it says that (it doesnt say that). The next question he will ask you if you are wearing ammo boots (of course, you dont wear them either). And the other thing is - make sure you have clean Combat Jacket (no pockets riped off, or buttons missing, or falling off or something else like that). It will be handy if you bring two jackets with you - one for morning parades and one for fieldcraft. It save you a lot of troubles. Its always handy if you bring two pares of boots - one for the morning parades (preferybly - Assault Boots), and other comfy pare which you can wear for the rest of the day after morning inspection, they are not that much picky after. Other tip - if you dont look like 6-feet tall, fit and though like Rambo sort of guy - you can get away from physical stuff (like press ups as a punishment) on a medical grounds. Made up something, they know jack s*** about more "advanced medicine" stuff.

    If you have brassard - wear it always on top. Scott Guards guy said to us that is for our own safety - cos IRA would not point rifles at Cadets if they can see red ACF/CCF badge. Just like IRA had nothing better to do than passing by army barracks up in Scotland and shoot down some cadets... But well. You dont argue with CTT guys. Btw. dont call them like that, unless you wish to do hundreds and hundres of press-ups as a punishment. They shouldn't do that to you either but - will you argue with them? (argue = one way ticket to home). I don't think so.

    There will be a lot of people (not from CTT, but as part of this course). I don't know what they do exactly, but seek out for friendly faces - just cos they are not your DS, doesn't mean they don't want to help you. Those friendly guys are usually well experienced and ready to help you in preparing your lesson - they can photocopy your own made-up handouts (looks more professional, and save you a lot of time!). And you might have a lot of visitors during the course - at least one every day. You don't know who they are or what they want - all you know they are visitors and they are watching you very carefully - even if they just come by during break to speak to you. They talk loads of unimportant rubbish, but be nice, say yes sir and yes ma'am no matter what they saying, be enthusiastic, and make sure you mention your rank and name - it will benefit you straight after when visitor-person leave.

    Watch out for 21 CTT - there are Sgt. I-Will-Make-You-Do-Press-Ups-For-Nothing and other Sgt. I-Pick-On-Everything-Cos-I'm-*. They complete each other perfectly.

    Anyway, good luck!

  12. Cheer's Mate lol, you too.
    although our's was not in the land of scotland lol
    and we also had to wear our brassards on combat jackets, but after a few's days after morning parade we took em off,
  13. Ye when I did the SCIC last yr it was as hard as anything! the students were really crap and didnt know anything thing.
    What were they taught at there detachments cause there werent up to the standard need to cope with the course.
    I dont think the course was that hard if you have done all the pretraining.
    The instructors from 21ctt were as helpfull as they could be and I think they can easy be alot worse if needed. They do a send us away with all the knowledge we need to teach so do a great job.
    Sgt S is by far the worse instructor there so if you get him unlucky.