Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by o_jones, Mar 15, 2007.

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  1. does anyone know anyone who has sciatica in the army. i've had it for a while now and it really hurts. i want to go to catterick but i have to get past the ADSC first.
  2. Don't be so fcuking stupid!

    Get it sorted and rested before you go to ADSC.

    I know someone who did the same thing; went and done chAir Force selection and that really buggered him up for weeks.
  3. Sciatica is a symptom not an actual injury.

    The two main things that cause 'sciatica', theyare either....

    1) There is an impingment on the sciatic nerve, sometimes the piriformis muscle is very tight.


    2) Lower back problems, usually to do with the vertebral discs. Maybe a bulging or pertruding disc (commonly known as a 'slipped disc).

    Either one of these causes the symptom 'Sciatica'. Get a full assesment done first to extingush what is causing 'sciatica' in the first place. If its the 1st one then stretching the piriformis usually works. If it's the 2nd one then there are simple techniques involved without the use of surgery (dr's favourite solution along with rest!) to put the disc back in its place!

    Hope that helps.

  4. Yep, I can hold my hand up to that one. But listen ole boy - you can't join the Army with it ok. I got it in my later stages but to try and join with it - NO WAY.

    The only thing that will sort it is a operation. I couldn't climb the stairs or even a kerb in the street through my rough times. I was on a walking stick for over a year before my op. By the sound of it your not so bad. Can imagine walking into the recruit office with a walking stick and asking to join the Army. My operation was a few years ago and I'm still not defo 100%. My surgeon told me that because of the severity of my injury I'd be in a wheelchair by the time I'm 55.

    Get it sorted NOW. And I'm being serious ok.

    BT. :frustrated:
  5. Can understand where your coming from by your name, however, my surgeon called it an injury. Mine was a culmination of events, traffic accident, parachute jumps and the final and most damaging was simply slipping up on ice and landing on the base of my spine. Slipping up on ice would not be a sympton surely - it has to be an injury.

    BT. :plotting:
  6. Mine was caused by long periods slumped in a crappy seat in a white van. I had physio exercises to do, but I lost a lot of time off work (unpaid due to a temporary contract), so I tried a chiropractor, with fantastic results. It's £33 a visit(usually every 6 weeks), but well worth the investment.

    I work in a small specialised industry where everyone knows everyone else - when my firm went bust 18 months ago, I couldn't hide the sciatica when applying for another job, so, effectively, the chiropracty made me employable. Not many firms would take on a 50 year old with a known back problem, so It was well worth it.
  7. No your right, however, mine did and I have a disabled employment card.

    Its a catch 22 - do you tell them and be up front knowing that being honest might cost you the job. Or do you not say anything and hope you get the job knowing it could cause problems later.

    BT. :thumright:
  8. Seen this and had to give an opinion. Though I'm now out several years and no longer serving I have this wretched curse. My advice is to get it sorted ASAP. You will not get through a fortnight of training (and only because the first week is usually filled with jabs, admin and settling in) If you have sciatica whilst still relatively young get to a physio and get some intensive therapy. Once cleared up join your local gym and build up your fitness, then think about joining up. Like I say, only my opinion but remember basic training is exactly that- basic. Good luck whatever you decide to do.
  9. I had no option but to tell the new firm - my old boss was working for them.
  10. Not until I had sciatica after playing 5 aside did i realise that the human body was so capable of giving out so much pain.I had it chronically for about 2 years and was even more miserable because i couldn't run. How ever this didn't prevent me being mobilised on Telic 1, but strangely this was the best thing for it being in the heat and physically busy.
    I think once you have had sciatica you will always get a return bout, i've got it in moderate form at the moment and I am going to have to give you the same advice as the others that do not attempt anything with strenuous physical activity.It does clear up but can take along time, stay fit though I took up cycling not being able to run and found this a benifit once I was fit again. :thumright:
  11. Some surgeons do refer to sciatica as an injury but i think you will find SP. is correct as my spinal specialist says it is a symtom of an injury that puts pressure on the sciatic nerve to cause the pain of sciatica.So in your case BT i would say that the injury to base of spine is cause of your sciatica.
  12. Thanks sports- therapist, i have just looked up articles on piriformis and it would appear as though this is what I have on my left side ( running ). I went to the MO last week and he said that it wasn't sciatica although as you have said the symptoms manifest in the same way although no back pain and the leg can be elevated in the horizontal position.Had a numb foot though, have been walking like a right mong this week.LOL
  13. thanks guys. you've all been very helpfull! ive decided to leave the 2 day selection until my sciatica is better. i just hope its not a permenant thing because the pain is constant. im a bit dissapointed because i really want to join the army but its just the way it is.
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