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Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by J_D, May 27, 2005.

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  1. J_D

    J_D LE

    Ok so out of all the passed Sci-Fi and fictional TV series there have been, what is your favorite?

    Mine are:

    Buffy Vampire Slayer

    I know I should be saying "Star Wars" or " StarTrek". Don't get me wrong they are good but not for me.
  2. Space Above and Beyond

    Voyager , until it got too cute and fluffy

    Enterprise , especially the 4th and last series , 'Through a Mirror darkly' was an excellent dual episode.
  3. Dark Angel - Jessica Alba.... (Drool...)
    Birds of Prey - Ashley Scott in black leather (Drool...)

    Stargate SG1 for the humour, especially the Groundhog day episode.
  4. Agree with PTP Space above and Beyond good except for usual American portrayal of cowardly and effette British officer (Coldstream Guards if I remember correctly).

    Enterprise alot better than given credit for.

    But personal recent favourite is Farscape (seem to like just about anything Jim Henson and Co have had a hand in for some reason) and Babylon 5 had its moments.

    The current Doctor Who is growing on me as well, the first episode was pants belching wheelie bins and all, but the last was Dr Who at its best, to be continued tomorrow.

  5. Alibi - Jennifer Garner NISA

    An old one as well, The Persuaders with Roger Moore and Tony Curtis
  6. J_D

    J_D LE

    I prefered the 1st series of stargate. The newer ones arn't as good, thats my opinion!

    I think series 5 of Angel was very witty too.
  7. space above and beyond was great american macho over the topness.
    I thought the brit was protrayed as ecentric rather than a coward .
    Babylon 5 was very good I also liked firefly very short lived . Ultraviolet
    was good .Problem with vampires do you get some tennager witha pointy stick no and martialart skills nahh . Garlic grenades and a burst from a
    mp5 firing carbon tipped bullets .Dr who is great
  8. Space above and beyond was rather good,
    Battlestar Galatica (New one),
    Deep Space Nine- so very dark,
    Babylon 5- loved every minute bar the last series (not including a cracking last episode)

    Favourite has to be Stargate though.

    Ultraviolet I have the dvd set, a shame there weren't more episodes as it seemed to be going somewhere then stopped.

    Angel Season 5, I agree with you Anya was rather good an exciting new direction.
  9. I forgot Ultraviolet . I thought Davenport was well cast , it could have done with more violence and guns though :)

    Shame there wasn't another series, I've got the DVD set as well. It did seem half finished , with a lot of questions still unanswered.

    And the British Officer in SAAB was eccentric ( Refiltering his own urine for months etc) , but didn't he die well?

    Favourite SAAB episode, either the one where they are marooned for months and trying to avoid jigs,with the LT. phoning in SITREPS on a dead radio, or the Jiggy von Ricthofen episode

    1st series of Babylon 5 was good , until they started getting gay and touchy feely because they were bogged down in a boring storyline.

    How could I have forgotten Captain Scarlet? :D
  10. Ah Space Above and Beyond! a great series that I have on DVD, shame they never made a second series.

    PTP the British Officer never died! he made sure the Wild Cards were safe then he drove off in the APC (can you remember her name? :wink: )

    Stargate SG1 does it for me, even though Series 8 was utter tripe, the spin off show Stargate Atlantis was also excellent. Amanda Tapping (Col Carter) would so get it!!! Season 9 starts soon (Sept I think) and that will have Ben and Claudia from Farscape on board.

    Although Im not really into the Treks Enterprise matured into a great show, shame that is also getting axed.

    I have B5 on DVD its a classic that never grows old but season 1-4 only as 5 was kinda pants!

    I never got into the vampire thing although the final season of Angel had plenty of humour.
  11. Forgot to add,

    have you seen the new remake of BattleStar Galactica?

    Very dark, quite sexy in places and some excellent storylines.

    I highly recommend it.
  12. Firefly, Firefly and er... did I mention Firefly?

    Farscape and series 5 of Angel good too. Anyone remember a TV series called Echoes about the British Army taking on interdimensional aliens?
  13. The new CGI Scarlett is quite good, his nasty new Septic accent grates though.

    The new Galactica is promising but there are an awful lot of "why the feck did/n't they do that" moments.

    On of my personal favourite SF bits is the DS9 Episode In the Pale Moonlight, very, very dark and the antithesis of the usual tedious Trek moralising and it features my favourite character, Garak in a classic speech:
  14. Don't remember that one AO1 but...

    I remember something similar called Invasion Earth, which had the RAF fighting valiently to stop a similar interdimensional invasion... rather good SFX i remember.

    Bladensburg, agree with your analysis of the DS9 episode but I found the monologue at the end far more powerful. Another cracking episode on the morally dubious actions would be "for the uniform" with the hunt for Edison. I felt DS9 went somewhere that Roddenbury hadn't before, into the darker parts of human nature and the struggles that are faced.
  15. "Nikita" and "Alibi"