Schweizer Militärfahrad

I saw these posted on another forum and thought that they might be of interest. They are Swiss Army issue bikes apparently but I don't know if they are regularly issued.
Photo credits to Natural Bushcraft

The bigger trailer is for casualties

About 150 tears ago I did a Swiss Army Field Firing Course in Weingarten (IIRC). We were issued push bikes to strap Loudenboomenbangens onto and off we went cycling down to the ranges (fields with a mountain as a backdrop) and the LF FIBUA complex. Had a great couple of weeks, learnt jack shit and drank a lot of expensive beer.
I was attached to the Swiss Army for a few weeks in the 80s. There was a cycle battalion doing its annual training camp where I was based. They had some pretty decent kit - custom bikes like the ones in the photos. Cycle troops are usually larfed at as an anachronism, but I actually thought they looked quite useful for the terrain they were designed for. They could push and carry the bikes over broken terrain - but then go like the clappers over roads and track. Beats tabbing on foot....
them bikes are electric the cheating bastards. In truth never got the e-bike thing till I got my arse handed to me by one on a 2% hill by a 60 year old. Think bike units are a good idea you just look a ****
the cycling battalion has been mothballed ages ago. The original "Militärfahrrad" is the one speed model in the second picture. The more modern version (7-Speed) came in shortly after the defense Minister was a certain Mr. Villiger, manufacturer of cigars and bicycles... The price tag was outrageous, something like 5000 CHF per cycle. They have been adapted to fit everything from the "Panzerfaust" anti tank weapon to Radio sets, mortar tubes and MG's.
The current Defense Minister Ueli Maurer is famously ex cycling (-cyclist?) battalion and gets a lot of abuse for it in the local press. Back in the day they had "Aufklärer" (-Spotters) on Bicycles in their Inf Bat, some very fit guys amongst them. Still, all in all boy scouts with guns...

As with all Swiss kit, both cycle models are of fantastic quality and built to withstand nuclear attacks, Swiss kit usually sees the rise and fall of empires before it disintegrates (but is replaced frequently long before that by even better kit). The 1st series of bicycle was mostly made between the two wars and there are thousands still knocking about all over the world.

you mean "Weinfelden" billybongo? That would have the home of Artillery back in the day..
No good to the British. Ammunition is not allowed to be transported on a bike.

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