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I think he is very arrogant, but also the best F1 racing driver alive!

He may have not always played by the rules, but then does anyone?

Its a great time for him to go as he showed in sundays GP he still has it and retires with respect and hasn't left it too late!

Though I thougth Kimi's comment when found not at the pre race ceramony by Pele was great - "I was having a sh1t!"
He is the best F1 driver that there ever was and ever will be. We wont see another like him! should have done another year, awsome drive on Sunday!
Hi Oneshot

I also used to think Schumacher was arrogant, that was, until I met him one day. In fact I've met him several times and we always had a chat and on one occasion a coffee together. A good guy.

Morale of my story - don't judge a book by its cover.

I've also met Damon Hill, now THAT is one arrogant fckr.

Met nearly all the F1 drivers.

I think its good , the way in which he left. Not only did he have an awesome drive but he has left at the pinacle of his career with one of the best teams in F1. I think its a lot better that he chose to do this rather than slip down into the lesser teams, ala Hill.

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