School's out, where are the kids?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Monty417, Dec 22, 2010.

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  1. I was out this morning walking the dogs. It had snowed again yesterday, again during the night and was still snowing. About 6 to 8 inches of pristine snow wherever I looked.

    It suddenly struck me that there were no other footprints around and not one kid or parent in sight. The hill and it's paths didn't have a single sledge running, nothing, empty, an invitation that when I was a kid, we would have jumped at. In fact, no kids really to be seen anywhere, except Tesco's and Morrisons.

    Do all the kids today stay at home playing video games? or do the parents forbid them to go out in the snow in case they hurt themselves doing what kids used to do?

    It just seemed rather a sad sight to me, all that white stuff waiting to be played in and no takers.
  2. I was out on the hill with my wife and 'kids' (19 and 22 years old) yesterday and was equally surprised/disappointed at the lack of activity on the village's sledging field! Having grown up in southern Africa I have several years sledging to catch up on so was not going to waste the day off.

    The benefit of my 'kids' ages was dropping in at the local for a warming pint and lunch on the way home.
  3. And a waste of that big bag of sweets you'd bought? :winkrazz:
  4. I must say that I felt pretty stupid dressed all in red and wearing a silly hat with a white pompom.
  5. The words "nail", "hit" and "head" spring to mind. My two (girls in their teens, no you can't have photos) would rather have their toenails pulled out than go out in the snow. I even pointed out to my youngest that if she went door to door offering to shovel snow off drives for £2 each, she'd make over £300 on our road alone, she's still sat in front of the telly. Unfortunately, at their age I can't exactly force them out the door (well, I could but I think Social Services might have something to say).
  6. Plenty of kids round my area... I've fended off two snowball ambushes in the past few days. Little feckers aren't so clever when you chuck a snowball back after having set the dog free - dog sees snowball, assumes its her tennis ball and shoots off towards them...they run like hell away, even though all she would do is lick them to death :) All good fun though.

    Waiting on a sled to arrive off ebay for a family friend's 4 year old. by the time it actually gets here I fear the snow may have vamoosed! All the local shops are sold out.
  7. Not seen mine all day! They appeared sporadically to raid the fridge and leave trails of melting snow around the house and wet glove/hat mountains on every radiator! Tried daring the oldest to pop out in his Borat man-thong and make snow angels but he was too girly and hermer-like!!
  8. 150 houses on 1 street that's a small town, not a street! 150 drives @ 30 Mins each would take nearly two days solid graft - bloody slave driver! dependent on their ages I know far easier ways of earning that much! :)
  9. You don't find kids outdoors anymore, they're all sitting comfortably in internet chat rooms being groomed by smelly old men. You need to trade in the shiny morris minor with the glove compartment full of puppies and get yourself a net book.
  10. Leave Monty alone, he is quite a happy groomer
  11. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Is that what you do when not on ARRSE?
  12. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    No such luck here. The little fuckers are out in force pelting everyone with snowballs. On the upside, I haven't once had to shovel snow off my car in the morning, it's all already been removed and turned into snowballs by the little bastards.
  13. Who are you calling smelly? Not puppies any more either, booze, fags, and drugs..gotta move with the times.
  14. Seem to have the same problem here.

    Then again, I never see kids out playing at all these days. Even in the summer weather they're nowhere to be seen - I can't remember the last time I walked by a pile of lads playing football or climbing lockups like me and my mates did around the same area. Seemed like there were kids everywhere when I was one. Now I never see any out and about.

    The closest thing is a group of 16 year old YOOFS wandering around kicking bus stops at 11pm some nights.

    Even they've passed on the chance to pan buses with snowballs...
  15. Well, when I was last home at the end of November, my 5 year old boy had me out in the back garden at 0730hrs. We had a great half hour until the snow melted through his woolen gloves and his wee hands started to freeze!

    That's when the tears started.