Schools in munster osnabruck

:roll: :roll: Hi guys and girls im after a favour. my friend and family are moving out to munster osnabruck and they want to know where the nearest school is for a 12 year old
Any ideas ?
cheers in advance
walla :lol: :lol:

I'm in Munster, and though I don't have school-age children, I believe the educational establishment you require is Kings School in Mansergh Bks, (26 Regt RA) Gutersloh. Those outside Gutersloh Garrison weekly board, I think. Bus down on Mon and back on Fri. should be a helpful website to try out. 8)
PS, Your "friend" does know there's about an hours drive netween Munster and Osnabruck? Munster is a satellite station from Osnabruck, and if posted to the former a good degree of "going native" is advisable. 8)

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