Schools in Kingston upon Thames

Dear All,

Perhaps the wrong forum, but given the amount of Officers in Qtrs in The Keep, I thought I'd ask the question here.

Will be returning to the UK next year and whatever happens ref Sqn Comd Bd will be putting Mrs AY and little Mstr and Miss into the Kingston area. Does anybody have any info on the primary schools in the area.

I already know what is there, but would be grateful for insider info and knowledge of who may be leaving - therefore places becoming available.


Flynn101 said:
Stay away from schools in the general area of 'Ham' unless you of course have to pay for them.
I concur!!!!

Look to Kew, Queen's School is a fine establishment.
You will have a decent amont of taxpayers money to subsidies your fat brats education. Surely you would have the decently to pay the nominal percentage of the fees out your booze fund.
As I recall there is a primary school ajoining the back of the keep and accessible via a pedestrian gate from the keep itself. Not sure what it's called or whether its any good, but I do remember hearing that there were people living in the keep that had tried and failed to get their kids into it (so presumably good enough to be over subscribed).
Get in touch with the Tiffin Senior Schools for information on quality primary education in the area leading to a place at at Tiffins ( google them ).

Avoid Ham.

I lived in the keep back in 2002-3 and we really enjoyed it. A lot of people slag the place off and the houses are a bit small but it is secure and when we were there, it was full of kids running all over the place.

We didn't have kids at the time - so what I write is hearsay but a many people recomended the RC School which is almost just out the back of The Keep - in fact there was a pedestrian access through to it, I think. I'm sorry I can't remember the name of it but lots on non-RC folk sent there kids there because it was close and well though of.

Hope that helps - if I remember the name of it, I'll let you know. Thinking about it, there was a CofE school within walking distance too - again highly thought of, if I remember rightly. None of which are of much importance if you're a Red Sea pedestrian - but there you are!

Slightly out of area, but Hampton School has a very high reputation and no doubt has decent ideas as to feeder schools.
I've never forgiven Mr. Lake for not letting me join the rowing club...
I wasn't at Hampton - just a comment on two damn good schools.

My friend Hughie had two sons at Hampton. They were very strong in the rowing team. Both of them went to Cambridge.

My daughters attended Jack & Jill School, Hampton and thereafter St. David's, Ashford.
JoseyWales said:
Get in touch with the Tiffin Senior Schools for information on quality primary education in the area leading to a place at at Tiffins ( google them ).

Avoid Ham.

Agreed; it turned out a great family friend, who also turned out to be a great Gurkha Ofiicer.
Good God, anywhere but Hampton*!!!

Kingston Grammar School perhaps?

*Note this is said with a certain amount of tongue-in-cheek as I have until very recently been at another school who's boat club has a longstanding rivalry with hampton's :D .

Thanks for the replies, we are aware of the whole school set up in the area. Mrs AY is a twickenham lass and wanted to find out how families currently there are placed, any dramas getting in etc...


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