Schools and Work & Keeping a 12 year old safe PLEASE HELP

Hi..looking for alot of advice lol

Partner is in germany and being posted to Palace,Belfast august 08.He is on Tour feb 09 - sep 09 and i hope to move over in January.I work for a building socirty in the south west at the mo.I have always stayed around my family in our home with my partner coming home.This has just become to much of a nightmare so we are marrying on his return from afghan in 09.

My eldest boy will be 12 on moving and youngest 5....i am a little worried to the following

1.Housing at palace.

2.Schools...for both of them.Is there a certain school for children whos parents are in the forces or do they go to a normal irish Secondary/infants.

3.How easy is employment for british army wives in belfast.

4.Are my children going to be if eldest wants to go into town with school friends etc.

5.Any other answer's you feel may help me lol...i will think of lot's over the next 18 months i am sure.

Thank you for reading and i look forward to your reply's x :?
NI is pretty much like the rest of the UK now except not as many weapons and violence. ;)

The answers to your above questions are the same if you were moving to anywhere in the UK.
The worst thing you've got to worry about is the fact that your offspring may acquire a North Down accent. Beat it out of them; use much violence.
Holywood has a couple of good schools none of yer PC nonsense there.
Palace is a well equipped camp take advantge of the facilities.
Redburn primary school only stays open because of palace barracks so no problem there.
Holywood is a bit of a pokey little town but stacks of money feeling.
NI today, very small so no big gas bills if you fancy a day out on the antrim coast.
Dunno about employment, depends on yer age and skills I suppose.
Enjoy the place, but keep your 12 yo away from anyone known as June Wonk the boys.
Hi, as someone who grew up in the area and now travels the world with the military I think i can give you a few answers.
RedBurn Primary School.-All Primary age kids from Palace use this school, great little school never in my years did I ever see a problem with the military children, infact we all mixed well and made many great friends.
Priory College the local high school which has got better over the years on the education side of things. A fun and friendly place. I have found memories.
Sullivan upper school- The local Grammer school. At age 11 all children in NI take the 11+ if you pass with flying colours you can attend this fantastic school....but be aware it costs a fortune for all the uniform, PE kits etc. Think you may beable to do a entrance exam for older children.

Holywood town, small but bursting with lots of little shops bars restaurants, many high flyers live in the area and are loaded with money, Lawers, Judges etc (we were not one of them) also the local estate people. just like many other areas in the UK they dont have as much money but can be a very friendly bunch of people.

Holywood is a area that is so used to having the military around that it is not a problem to most people. There may be the odd few that grumble and groan but it should not be a issue for you.

Please enjoy your time in N.I it is a fantastic place to be with great places to visit. On arrival you will be briefed on the areas not to visit and certain security issues for yourself and your family, don't get bogged down with these, do keep them in mind but don't sit in your quarter for your tour frightened to go anywhere. I have seen many families do this over the years and have been throughly miserable. Because of the past troubles, a posting to N.I can seem very frighting but like most places in UK there are places you would go to and places you wouldn't.

As you walk into Holywood you will get many Hello's and good mornings, this is a Northern Irish thing, nod back or return the greeting the locals love this. As you drive your car dont worry if someone puts their hand up to you, it is just a greeting as well. If they put something else up then you have probabley done something stupid on the road or they have, and they are being idiots!!
Just outside Holywood in Knocknagoney is a recently opened shopping area, large Tescos, Ikea, B&Q etc, so many job opportunities. If and when you get a job then you will find the Northern Irish people to be as noisy as hell, they want to know what you ate and what time it was, this is just friendly banter. If they ask what your hubby does, make up a story but make sure it is a good one, because they know everything and will probabley have a distant relative who works there. My Hubby was a student for so many years it was funny, unfortunatley he wouldn't get away with it now as he is too old.

take your posting as any other posting listen to the briefings and take what you need from them, you may hear many horror stories but that is always the case. People want to tell you horrible things and forget about the nice things that happen.
I hope you have an enjoyable tour.

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