Schoolgirls Heading for Syria

Purifying of the ranks, hypocrites exposed, martyrs in heaven, withdraw to the desert and start again. Usual stuff.
Fellah upstairs got it covered, Rubber Dinghy Rapids!
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Aaah! - wrong sort of islam/proper islam hasn't been adopted yet... rather topical generally.

Isn't there a c.20 year cycle with these fashion/trends?
There are several similarities between radical Islam & socialism, intolerance & excuses for failure based on "wrong kind of..." being two.
I thought they were to the drones...
Not just drones. Hopefully soon there won't be enough left for DAESH to field a First XI

Shakoor Rana, years before becoming famous in 1987, umpired in England. And John Barclay, the Suusex captain, remembers that summer of 1981 quite well.
Barclay had been told by an India taxi-driver to ask " Where's Allah?" ( instead of the more common 'Howzat') when appealing to Shakoor Rana. The response would be a finger pointing to the sky.
Rana was too clever for all this.
"Not that silly trick again.", he said as Barclay walked back to his mark. Rana knew where Allah is!
I'm sure she can steal another one from somewhere if that's really going to be a problem. There's bound to be some poor Yazidi woman who her evil kind hasn't totally brutalized enough yet that they can snatch the wean from.


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I wonder how much flood plain in Bangladesh the parent will be able to buy with the inevitable "compensation".
If she gets back Im sure she will have more , lots more .
Are you convinced she has actually had any?

Imho she should join her father in Bangladesh. He surely has her best interest at heart.
Are you convinced she has actually had any?

Imho she should join her father in Bangladesh. He surely has her best interest at heart.
No Im not totally sure she's had any as yet , but Im sure that if she is back here and on benefits she will be pumping out plenty .
can we not send more out to syria, perhaps all the chav & pikey girls aged 15 to 24.
will save on maternity and universal credit payments & might lower the spongers getting pregnant.


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This b*tch's parents have filed a lawsuit so their terrorist daughter can come back and claim the house that is rightfully hers and the associated welfare benefits that go with having a illegitimate sprog,

Shamima Begum’s family take Home Secretary to court over decision to revoke her citizenship

A nice earner for the liars lawyers?.
Especially with emotive terms such as this - "Shamima Begum vanished from her home in Bethnal Green in London four years ago". She didn't vanish, she made a concious effort to leave even to the point of stealing her sister's passport to get out of the country!

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