Schoolgirls Heading for Syria

Rory Stewart gave an excellent interview on R4 this morning.
Calm, thoughtful (ex Black Watch as PM sounds fine to me....).
Had no notice of the Iqbal Q, at the end; simply said: these decisions are taken in consultation with the security services, they would not have been excluded unless Home Office received advice relating to national security.
Interviewer accepted the premise instantly.
End of.
(Unless you are a Labour spokesman)
He was previously an overseas development minister and would have been exposed to some of these discussions. Rory Stewart is a decent chap but has been in the habit of bigging up his CV. I understand his army service was limited to s Gap Year Commission; he’s also claimed he was a Harvard professor; actually he spent a semester there and taught a couple of classes in passing. But given that the Tories are dismembering, he may well be the last man standing.
The sad thing is that I’m sure some contingency planning has been done along these lines.
And hopefully met the derision it deserves. "Ok lads, we rock up to within 3 miles of the camp at silly hundred hours. Air is going to put on a diversion at the other side. While that's going on we shout the kid's name twice. If we get no answer or he doesn't turn up then we turn around and get back to the FOB in time for brekky."


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Isnt her Mum dead? I read somewhere she passed away when Shamima was 15
Her mother reportedly died in 2014. Her father then left his daughter in the care of an uncle so he could go marry again. I'm assuming that it is step-mother that is being quoted here.

That or the journalists have enlisted the help of Doris Stokes.
Islam, the religion of 'meh'.
One of the favourite sayings in the ME is "what to do Yanni" Translated it means it's Allah's will, there is nothing we can do about it. Especially if doing something means getting off their @rses and actually taking some action.
Thousands of ISIS fighters are on their way back to Europe; Baghouz, March 2019
Anyone remember the Highway of Death from Saddams days when a very long convoy became a turkey shoot? Another opportunity here!
The conditions in these holding camps look pretty bad. By the looks of it the bin men have been on strike for a while now.

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For a sec there I saw a lot of Guinness bottles, then I remembered I don't like Guinness.

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