Schoolgirls Heading for Syria

Other than pleas for forgiveness for his daughter, Begum's dad is a waste of space, sitting in Bangladesh. If a daughter of mine had been 'married' at 15 and banged up 3 times by a choppy, stabby ISIS bloke I'd be on the phone telling the molester about my particular set of skills.

Her dad is not an old man, he's just got a white beard. He should have been looking for her years ago, invoking the help of good Muslims along the way on his quest to get his beloved daughter back.

Islam, the religion of 'meh'.


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She told Sky News : "It's a boy. I named him after my old son [who died] - that's what my husband wanted."
The name is also linked to Abu Ubaidah ibn al-Jarrah, known for massacring Jews
Lining him up for Labour membership early.
The mother of Shamima Begum has written to the Home Office to urge the department to reconsider its decision to strip the teenage Isis bride of her British citizenship as an “act of mercy”.

Aah yes.
Let the quality of mercy be the same as shown by the ISIS fighters she was a voluntary spunk receptacle for.
Isnt her Mum dead? I read somewhere she passed away when Shamima was 15
Isnt her Mum dead? I read somewhere she passed away when Shamima was 15
A letter to the Home Office published on Twitter by the family’s lawyer said: “We write specifically on behalf of Mrs Begum, Shamima Begum’s mother, to ask you to reconsider your previous decision dated 19 February 2019 ...

Who knows what to believe with these scoundrels.
aaah yes. Hereford sends a few chaps to take on 100s of AK-wielding balaclava'ed ragheads who've proven themselves to be complete savages... to rescue one sprog amongst thousands of sprogs.
I can see Sergeant Hardbastard trying to find one dustbinbag woman amongst a few hundred of them, and then conducting a quick check of their DNA before loading them on to the Merlins... all the time under moderate-to-heavy fire.
Meanwhile Achnat Machnach and a few score other women dash (daesh?) forward saying "I'm Begum, and here is my sprog!" in a manner akin to Spartacus, or Life of Brian.

Yep, works for me!
The sad thing is that I’m sure some contingency planning has been done along these lines.

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