Schoolgirl loses 'racist school uniform' case

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ViroBono, Jun 15, 2004.

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  1. The Muslim girl who went to court because she was told to wear school uniform instead of Islamic ninja kit has lost her case.

    Strictly, Muslims believe that girls should not be educated at all, so this would seem to be a case of having her (halal) cake and eating it.

    Apparently she has said that she will not return to the (80% Muslim) school - perhaps she has made alternative arrangements in a less secular society such as Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia or Yemen, which she will no doubt find much more open-minded and accepting of her wish to flout rules.
  2. Seems a bit off though. If we cater (pun!) for vegetarians in school because of 'fashionable' opinions (I know that many are more serious, but schools will still provide for casual ones), what harm in letting someone wear a long dress for more serious religious ones?
  3. Is this really true? I didn't think it was...
  4. where would you stop then ?
    Sikhs coming into school with knives in their belt
    Jianist being carried around in stretchers
    Rastafariens wearing big hats and dreadlocks with the drug culture

    one problem with "ninja" dress is how do u avoid cheating in exams if you got somebody else to sit in for you
    etc ................................
  5. and would they be so accommodating if the english were putting in similar request in their country...would they feck!
  6. Apparently the long dress is a health and safety hazard, not to mention a fashion faux pas. :)

    Islam's poor record on womens' rights is well known, however. In Saudi women may not drive; the Taleban forbade the education of girls and in many areas(including UK), women are sometimes murdered in so-called 'honour killings'.

    So, whilst it may be alright to cater for fussy eaters, the line has to be drawn somewhere, or we will be seeing public stonings before long.....
  7. The Koran states that women were only placed on earth to serve men. This can be interpreted (or misinterpreted) in various ways, including that they do not require education. Also, nowhere in the Koran does it state that Muslem women have to wear a veil. What it does say is that they should cover their shame or some such wording.
  8. Young lasses in our schools should be running around on the playground and sports field without being covered in swathes of fabric.
    Children should also not be allowed to cover their faces up while in schools-
    To deprive others of their facial expressions is to restrict their own and others' social development, is anti social and actually just downright rude.
  9. If according to Xmal (above) the Koran states that women were only placed on this world to serve men, well perhaps the Muslim way of life is not so bad after all!!!
  10. There is also teaching in the Jewish and Christian faith that indicates headcovering for women while at prayer. The heart of it is to reflect womans submission to God and man- of course this very thought provokes feelings of outrage in our independant and liberated modern women - but there was actually no intention that women are seen as less than or not equal to men..just different. Unfortunately stupid and wicked men have manipulated what was said for their own purposes for generations.
    I am cynical enough to suspect that the Koran has been misinterpreted as has the Old and New Testaments.
    We Godless ones are putting women in harms way by sending them to war and allowing them to walk the streets dressed as whores- the moslems are covering them up and limiting and overprotecting them.
    Both extremes are wrong IMHO. Just my twopenneth :p
  11. women know your place
  12. i went to a school with a good percentage of muslims and they used to get time off for one of the festivals. If i had of wanted time off for a christian one im sure it wouldn't have been allowed. they used to play the 'thats racisim' card whenever they liked. I was once called a white cnut by one but if i had called if a muslim cnut i would have been out on my arrse no questions asked. bastards make's you sick!
  13. The ultimate of male interpretation of control of women.....
  14. I take it that even if she had won her case it would have not stopped there, there would have been issues about PT kit and heaven forbid she might even be forced to go to swimming lessons in 'immodest' clothing.
    There is a good reason why these women like to show only their eyebrows and ankles!
  15. wise women do ...and it's not in a war zone getting shot at! :wink: