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Schoolgirl gets teachers stoned


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BBC Link

Two teaching assistants at a school in Leeds were taken to hospital after eating cannabis in "hash cakes" given to them by a 15-year-old pupil.

The schoolgirl was suspended from Wortley High School after she took the cakes to school on 10 September.

A spokesman for Leeds City Council said the girl had since been moved to a different school. No police action was taken over the matter.

Leeds City Council said neither staff members made formal complaints.

The council spokesman added: "Wortley High School does not condone drugs and was disappointed this incident took place.

"The school works hard to educate its pupils about the dangers and implications of drug abuse and will not tolerate any behaviour of this kind."
Hospital? Bloody lightweights.

Good effort by the chav though - I imagine she'll go down in school history! Unless, of course, the teachers were already wrecked and needed a scapegoat. I know what teachers are like and I wouldn't put it past them :D
Yeah, I bet they were caning the ganj when a surprise school inspection turned up and just blamed it on the first easily available chav!


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I thought teachers handed out weed to kids in classes these days. When they weren't teaching them how not to spell, read or write that is.
After reading the thread title, I, too, was expecting gory piccies of half-bricks bouncing off skulls and such.

Worra let-down!



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Considering the calibre of teachers these days, all she had to do was offer them a spliff. They wouldn't have got worried and called an ambulance for the effects then, in fact, they may have let her go behind the bike sheds with them to smoke it.

I wonder why she was just quietly moved to another school . . . . share it around more maybe?

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