Schoolgirl branded truent for refusing to dress as Muslim...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spike7451, May 13, 2010.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    More PC madness...seems to me that the girl was quite right in her refusal to dress as muslim if she did'nt want to but the schools reaction was,imho,over the top.

  2. Good old religion.

    Nonsense personified.

    ETA: Fk em all.


    Sod that too. I will respect nothing without evidence anymore.

    Yes it does work both ways. It is all stupidity.
  3. how about we MAKE the muslims dress like "christian/catholics" - oh no sorry that is against their religious rights......
  4. Hmmm... why is Tolerance, Respect and Understanding only a one way street???
  5. Another load of PC/education/national childminding service/outrage/inclusive/clothing/teacher fuckwit bollox. :evil:
  6. A head scarf and leggings, it's hardly a hijab is it!

    It's no more than would be expected of women visiting The Vatican or a Buddah in the far east.

    The dress code for the trip is not what has made the head lines here, it's all the bandwagon behaviour that has follwed.

    It makes me sad to be British.
  7. Agreed! :thumright:
  8. Would there be a case on a school trip in which Muslims would be expected to adopt Christian practices?

    Of course not so why don't you just f*ck off from Britain as you are so sad and hate your own culture so much?
  9. Hmmm, how about going to Islamabad and opening a pub and a C of E church?
    Then we could make schoolies go to both as a cultural exchange type thingy, emphasis on the word MAKE.
    Thought not, a one way street?
    More like a six lane expressway pointed in only one direction.............
  10. Oh fk off. Take your religion and poke it. I do not care which religious fkwhitery you believe. Just stop thinking that I should respect it. I do not.

    Now if you have any evidence, I would be interested.
  11. You think that's tough? We used to get caned for spelling truant incorrectly.
  12. In many churches on the continent one is required to wear respectable clothes. So no shorts or singlets for us blokes and no low cut stuff for the wenches.

    I don't agree with it, especially as I spend my summer in shorts, singlets and sandals and that is when I can go exploring. Had a blazing row with some dago because I stuck my head round the door of a church to ask a question about visiting, I didn't even enter, and he gave me grief because I had my dog behind me on a lead. Told him that I was disappointed that there weren't any christians there.

    Having said that it is their ball and therefore their rules, doesn't the Army have loads of dress regulations especially in the mess? So the fault is not with the mosque but with the programme and the closed minds of both parents and educational authorities. Was the visit valuable educationally? What would it teach? is it simply PC?
    And where is the problem about dressing up if it helps you to understand?
  13. Should i find it funny the advert at the bottom of this thread was for - international muslim matrimonials?
  14. The point you seem to miss in your headlong rush to spread your own particular brand of hatred is that Muslim girls would already be perfectly dressed to visit a Catholic Church. Most religious buildings require a degree of modesty from women, it may be old-fashioned but there you go. If they had been visiting Liverpool Catholic Cathedral and she had refused to dress appropriately it wouldn't have been remarked upon, just another chav teenager refusing to conform. This isn't about a full-frontal assault on British Christian values it's about manners. She wasn't asked to adopt anyone's customs she was just asked, for that one visit, to dress appropriately. The British culture is one of religious freedom, tolerance and respect. It is you who clearly hates your own culture You try to dress up your own bigotry in patriotic terms but it is simple base hatred, the refuge of the ignorant.
  15. Being ORDERED to attend.. being ORDERED to dress up or be labelled a truant is probaby all the education you need to understand the nature of the beast.