Schoolgirl arrested for racism

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jockmod69, Oct 13, 2006.

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  1. Double post - oops
  2. PC gone completely barmy and liberal lefty pinko schoolteachers who should be sacked.
  3. Well done that girl, its about time that we start realising this is britain and visitors apply to our rules, end of
  4. Ignoring the specifics of this case ie did she use a racist description of her classmates or not; the underlying issue is that in an English school only English should be spoken! It doesn't matter what people speak at home and to be honest I don't really care. If we want people to be truly integrated then everyone should speak English!
  5. There's a serious point here about the years of trying to provide gobment and local gobment literature to minority groups in their own language, at humungous expense, which has reinforced the ghetto culture. Don't worry we'll send you information in Urdu. Rather don't worry if you want your children educated you and they will attend this class at 9pm on Thursday... it's a value equation. The Far Left have had their chance and screwed it.
  6. I'm just truely sick of it all. The teachers involved in this should have been sacked, why on earth this matter got to the police.

    Why do we put up with this crap, why do we keep voting for politicians that don't represent us. Vote Jane Horrocks!! Fi Fi for PM
  7. This is just the start.... from what I understand to have been discussed at my LEA's last meeting it's going to get a sh1t load worse.
    Proud to NOT pander to PC culture!
    (shocked the report didn't use the "M" word for good measure!)
  8. Come sense needs to prevail in this case. Someone (ideally the head of the school) should step and quash this nonsense! If not him, then certainly someone high up in the police or CPS!

    If it takes a judge to throw this out of court, then something has well and truly gone wrong with the world!
  9. Some 15 years ago, my sons school wanted the pupils to take lessons in Urdu as around 40% of his school were Indians or some other such race that gabbles and couldn't speak English.
    The school decided that if everyone spoke Urdu, then everyone could understand and progress with learning.
    Hah, not in this bloody household!! No way were mine going to start jibber jabbering. Fortunately the other English parents agreed and the idea was dropped.
    Simple solution? Make the ones who don't speak English learn English!
    The pupil in the case mentioned showed more common sense than the teacher, who is supposedly educated!
    The school mentioned they were 'caring' Yes it seems they are...if your wearing a sari and you can't speak English!!!
  10. I am not too concerned with some pupils that don't speak English. After all, it did say they were new to the country and for all anyone knows that has posted here, they may be learning English.

    No, what I am much more concerned about is that the teacher who's job it is to teach and educate has shown that she has the mental age of a tadpole.
  11. Looking at her photo, plucked eyebrows, gold chain, big hoopy earrings and suggestion that she wasn't very "nice" about her class mates- is it possible that Codie may have contributed to the situation?
  12. What are our schools coming to when they have to have school police officers?

    If things hadn't been surrendered to the lefties then teachers would be allowed to deal with discipline themselves. But then again how many teachers would be able to? Most of mine scared the hell out of me but they seem to be as wet as anything these days.
  13. He probably had to pluck up courage to leave his concrete sangar...