Schoolboys experimenting with bangs

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by 58_Pattern, Apr 15, 2006.

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  1. Saw the thread about experimenting. When I was a young lad I got a book out of the village library and it gave the recipie for gunpowder. I used some of my birthday money and went to the chemists and asked for salt petre, flowers of sulphur, charcol etc. The pharmacist came out and asked me if I was making gunpowder and I said yes. He then asked me for my recipie and said it was shite. He wrote out a new recipie and measured everything for me. He took my money gave me the change and told me to go to the sewing shop and ask them for some old cardboard thread reels. Me and my assistant spent all day grinding up the ingredients and then went to a graveyard to carry out our 'controlled explosion'. It was brilliant. We carried out a whole series of 'tests' and had a brilliant time. I saw the pharmacist the following week in the village and he inquired about my tests.

    He then told me to get an eye dropper and put some diesel in a tiny clingfilm bubble and hit it with a hammer. Of course I ran home to try it. Being an immature 11 year old I had not done my COSHH or Health & Safety course and did this test in the garage. The Hammer jumped out of my hand and went straight thru' a window.

    This guy was magic. I had always been interested in flame throwers since seeing James Bond with his cigar and aerosol kill the snake. I went to the pharamacist and he told me to try WD40 with the thin stent. WOW it was magic - try it at home (but not infront of your kids)

    This old pharamacist boy is now very old and I now sit with him in the Lodge when I am in GB and we chuckle, he admitted a few times the village bobby popped in to tell him to stop encouraging the young lads in the village to experiement. It's a pity there are too many do gooders. Bombs & bangs are a healthy pastime for inquistive minds. Has anybody else got any funny stories on their 'experiments' with fire/bangs/ or kiddie IED's ?
  2. Bloody fantastic. Best laugh I have had for ages.
  3. Yep - did a few phone boxes with Irish Special Mix. Until the local copper found out and came to my parents' front door. Blowing up dead animals with french bangers was amusing for a week or so until we started wanting a better "splat" value, and it became less fun when you had to avoid bits of fox/cat/dog/squirrel flying through the air.

    Biggest laugh was dumping a carrier bag of washing up liquid into the fountain outside an Indian restaurant. But I was only about 12.
  4. Does that diesel in clingfilm work then? Awesome news - should make the tankpark a bit more interesting!!
  5. I had nothing at all to do with a fountain, 5 litres of cheap bubble bath and 2 tubs of cas sim blood powder. and I have not done it several times either. especially not as an adult.
  6. Of course, if I could get my hands on some AFFF mix, I would so NOT be tempted to drop the lot in another fountain. I feel a ship visit coming on...
  7. Ah the sepia toned days of a miss-spent youth. Alas by the time I became interested in making loud noises and upsetting the neighbours, health and safety was rearing its ugly head and you could not simply buy ingredients from the chemists. So many a Saturday morning saw an impish little Bennett trundling off to the hobby shop to buy rocket engines. These things where simply a solid cylinder of gun powder cast into a cardboard tube, once the cardboard tube had been carefully cut away the laborious process of crushing and grinding could begin. After about an hour I would have around 2oz of very fine powder, the stuff little boys dreams are made of.
    After much experimenting I found that a small amount of powder wrapped in a couple of layers of Duck tape so it looked like a narrow black Swiss roll produced a very loud bang and really upset the neighbours pets.
    For devastation a 4in length of 2in channel section with a 6in nail welded to either end made the perfect base for an improvised claymore mine, using a sparkler as a fuse.
    However all this was surpassed when I discovered the wonders of gun cotton and bright drawn gas pipe.
  8. We made gunpowder during unsupervised moments in the chemistry lab at school.

    I tried to make nitroglycerine but could not get the reagent mixture cold enough for the reaction to take place.
  9. My dad was in the Army and away quite a bit so I had a quite a free hand in experiments. Another one is to blank off one end a length of copper pipe and fill it with Ronson ciggerate lighter butane from an aerosol. The light it. It sounds like an US Navy jet screeching as it approaches the sonic boom :

    Not unlike
  10. Sadly nobody has mentioned the fun that can be had on Bonfire Night. Picture the scene:

    An Asian shopkeeper who used to, quite rightly, give us a hard time for hanging aroung his shop and sold us single fags for 15p (15p! - this was daylight robbery). We had a healthy mutual respect (he hated us, we hated him - nothing to do with racism for any liberal idiots out there; this was simply the natural balance of things) for this individual but life in the eighties was quite dull without bangs as has been so succintly pointed out on this thread.

    Anyway I had done well with pocket money that week as had a mate and the Asian gentleman had kindly stocked his shop with cut-price rockets which he was happy to sell to underage lads (vis a vis the single cigarettes...) and in massive quantities too (none of this organised display rubbish).

    Now the critical part; the shop in question was situated at the foot of a steep 60ft grass bank and I had found some drainpipe at home! Imagine our glee as the portfires of the Hurst Hill Panzerfaust Troop burned brightly through the night sky creating a beautiful pyrotechnic effect on the pavement outside the shop...

    Nobody was or would have been hurt (we were careful in those days as we experimented but had much fewer accidents than in the current Orwellian times) but the speed at which the Asian shopkeeper scaled the hill and chased us off would have made any Gurkha proud...
  11. I used to pocket after 303 rounds after each days shooting at school and break them open open to extract the cordite and make bombs.

    The best one was a used soda siphon cylinder (CO2 cylinder, about thumb sized which was painstakingly filled with cordite and then taken off to the woods.

    Very effective bang.

    Years later, when I joined the army, I got some of the detonators ATO used for demonstrations/training and inserted one into a tin of foot powder. This was linked up with a 9 volt battery and some sticky tape onder the bed of one the new guys taking over. When the springs comressed the circuit was made. Any way, we sat in my room, giggling like kids and slurping whisky, waiting for the mark to go to bed. Then "bang". In we run to see this shocked little owlish face peering through a thick fog of footpowder. Brilliant.

    Other way was to put one in a tube of toothpaste. It gets everywhere.
  12. We had a Scouse chemistry teacher (curly perm, tache, shellsuit etc) who had previously worked as an industrial chemist. Aside from his regular demos of all the good reactions (2:1 Hydrogen Oxygen burn, Potassium and steam, etc), he was conspicuous in leaving open jars of things like magnesium filings around the lab, and then loudly announcing that he was going out. That we managed not to blind ourselves in the resulting flashbang experiments is a bloody miracle...
  13. I've just finished building a mortar to launch tennis balls (using pringles tubes), I've just got to perfect the ignition system and fuel quantities and apparently should be able to launch tennisballs over 50m. Now if I could just work out how to make HE, Illum and Smoke balls.....
  14. Operator, request blueprints immeditely. out.
  15. A potato mortar made from 25mm plumbing pipe and fittings with a pezio (SP?) spark thing from a cigi lighter is much more fun. That 1in diameter gives you the option of many types of round. 8) as fuck