Schoolboy error - not logging off. Free Anon slagging off!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by pubsmudge, Nov 13, 2004.

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  1. So here I am sat in Bos & thought I would have a quick gander at arrse. Have been a member for a few years & have posted from the UK, Bos, Sierra Leone, Germany , Kosovo etc and it's hard to break a habit. So I log on at a welfare computer only to find the muppet before me hasn't logged out.

    Now I could be loyal and log out or I could create havoc :evil:

    So what should I do.....................?

    Anyway LadyNavyVet you little minx - marry me (from beyond the grave - old witch probably could) MDN lick my ringpiece (although appreciate the Tatty old Mitten nickname from a while back - wife never quite has figured out where that came from) Bowman-get a life you boring self-righteous tawt. As for the rest of you on the scaley forum - fcku me you're dull, can't quite bring myself to post on there under my real login even if I do 'belong' to you.

    Anyway enough misc slagging off.......I can't bring myself to log out just yet as this blanket of anonymity (sp?) amuses me! Will come back tomorrow to see if the pubsmudgemuppet has learned his lesson. If not well I await your suggestions. What should I do? Arrange to have a threesome with Forces Sweatheart & Gunnies Mum. Or can you think of worse?

    Lots of Love


    PS. - PTP ref your PM, pubsmudge will meet you at Waterloo before going to the UJ for the felching sesh. :?

    PPS Go on mods wipe me out you boring gets. :p :p :p :p :p
  2. Excellent....... PM me if it's still logged in and I'll give you my bosses email and you can abuse him for me :lol:

    Oooops to late done it from my login ..... ohh well 8O
  3. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Good skills !

    Make the most of it !

  4. The other person forgot to log out of pubsmudge? But this is your first comment. Mmmmmm, sounds like Baddarse is back pretending to be in Bosnia. Yawn...... :roll: Your gonna end up being like BB, a bad smell that won't go away.
  5. Maybe he just used the guys email account to set up a new account on ARRSE. Does sound like Baddass. :D
  6. Maybe, but it does sound like that little angry clerk Lardarse.

    So why the need to come anon and slag off just a few users, haven't you the balls to come on as yourself? Sounds so like Lardarses SP.

    Or BB Mark2 :roll: .
  7. Another schoolboy error is to assume you are anonymous because you use a different account.

    I am sure this site will log your IP, therefore all they need to do is match it with another account. Forums are made to be anything but anonymous, they are normally very accountable.

    Happy days
  8. Joined: Oct 23, 2004
  9. An IP address can (sometimes) identify a particular computer. If said computer is being used by all and sundry somewhere (possibly in Bos) that tells you zilch about who is tapping keys. Not to mention that some servers allocate different IPs everytime you log on and it is a simple matter to use an anonymous proxy anyway....
  10. Even if it is dialling up onto dynamic IP network, the IP still tells you what country it comes from, and only the last octal of the IP normally changes, so it is still very possible to eliminate using that method.

    As for anonymous proxies, good luck finding one that works!

    So, by comparing the IP with other users, you could quite easily round it down to a couple of users.
  11. "Even if it is dialling up onto dynamic IP network, the IP still tells you what country it comes from, and only the last octal of the IP normally changes, so it is still very possible to eliminate using that method. "

    I'm a normal Wanadoo subscriber and my IP changes completely everytime I log on...
  12. Yes, you’re a normal home user, using a home user package - saying that, a lot of home users IP don't change completely either, and unless your a modem (56k) dial up jobby user, your IP will skip between two roughly the same IP's, 62.135.**.*** and 81.78.*.***, for example, and even with the modem i think the same applies.

    I don’t know what the setup in Bosnia, but moneys on they have a static IP anyway, depending on if they need access to anything internal – for PIX rules and such.

    Even if there IP is totally dynamic and never the same, if they resolve the DNS they can simply look at the ISP and work with that instead.
  13. Forget ISPs DNS's (whatever the feck they are)

    The question should not be who this is. (good drills BTW- whoever you are) The question should be why we sending a schoolboy to Bosnia in the first place to make this error. :? :? :? :D
  14. Nope, still here. Quite amusing - can assure you this isn't one of the annoying tawts going just for the wind-up. But maybe pubsmudgemuppet will learn his lesson when he finds that he has been posting without knowing it.

    As for tracking down who this really is - well, there are nearly nine hundred people on site who have access to this and the five other welfare computers in the room. I haven't even logged in under my normal name yet as I found pubsmudgemuppet had already saved me the trouble.

    Then there is the issue of picking a name that will give you away, pubsmudge joined on 23 Oct 04 - probably wouldn't be too hard to find someone with the surname of Smith who arrived in the Banja Luka Mental Facility on or just before that date.

    Anyway in my true guise I haven't been on arrse for a while so I don't know who the current hate figure is..will read the boards and find out. I could even have a schizo moment and start having an argument with myself under my name.

    And thank you for those who started babbling on about techno IP sh__ite - there are some dull tawts on here. If you are going to talk that sort of drivel stay out of the NAAFI bar where the big boys are and go and play with yourself in a darkened room.
  15. Not as dull as your two posts. Are you THAT bored? Or not brave enough to come on as yourself. And remember, your using someone elses ID/email. All 'traffic' on any network is recorded, so think on when your using this ID to create 'havoc'. This other person (or someone on here) may take exception to some silly basstard stealing his details (which you are doing) and report this. I'm sure there is something in army regulations about misuse of IT. Think on numb nuts.