School Uniforms too expensive?

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Combat_Cat, Sep 1, 2006.

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  1. Does anybody else think that this issue is just another example of people complaining too much and expecting too much for free. As far as I'm aware there are grants for those who really need it. I have two gripes over this issue.
    Firstly, bullying. School uniform is a good way of ensuring children at school are not singled out for not having what is expensive or in fashion. Surely the prices of school uniforms are nowhere near as expensive as kitting a child out with all of the gucci gear that they should have in order to fit in.

    My second point links in with the first point. I went to a school where uniform was not enforced, and which was located in an area where there was a mixture of children from many backgrounds, both affluent and not so. The strange thing was, most of the children who didn't wear a school uniform came to school in the most expensive trainers, tracksuits and football shirts. Yet when the PTA raised the issue of uniform, the parents of these children spoke out, claiming it was too expensive!!! Does this seem strange to anyone else? Parents can afford to spend a fortune on normal clothes, but are not willing to buy a full school uniform that costs less than your average pair of Nike Air trainers or a Football top.
  2. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    You can adequately kit a kid out for an average state junior school for under £100 using a combination of Asda/BHS/Woolies etc.

    The same applies to older kids with the price rising to £150.

    There are variations such as when a fee paying school insists on odd coloured blazers which can only be bought from a cartel of shops.

    If you can afford a private school you can afford a purple blazer.

    The above represents around the same as two replica football shirts or a pair of trendy trainers which certainly will not provide daytime wear for around 200 days per years.
  3. School uniform is all bollox never had any in ours as long as it was within reason it was allowed they even asked the pupils at the time if they would wear shell suits as a uniform....mind you this was back in 1990 when they were still in fashion :oops:
  4. You can get school uniform fairly cheap as said above, tesco, asda do school uniforms for next to nothing!
    I went to a private boarding school, and the uniform there was expensive! But even then the offer of second hand good quality uniform was also there!!!
    Again as said about RearParty may have more advice on school uniform! and yes it does reduce some forms of bullying, but bullying happens in all schools no matter weather there is uniform or not! I went to a very well established military school and it still went on there, and we had a really strict uniform!
    If the little sh1ts want to pick on someone they will do it no matter what!!!
    And you don't have to buy you kid all the "named" brand stuff, my parents didn't, get what you given and be greatfull! If the school does not reinforce uniform then the kids aren't going to bother, I know I wouldn't have warn mine if know one cared!!! it was bloody vile!
  5. Where I came from, what you wore (unfortunately) was a source for bullying. You also have to consider things like the importance of belonging to and being identified with a group. I agre with uniform, but I disagree with it being funded. If you can afford to go to a fee paying school then buying the uniform shouldn't be an issue.

    Didn't realise that the other site existed, but I'm not looking for information, was simply opening up a discussion.
  6. Got my wifes one from a seedy little shop that specialises in school uniforms and nurses outfits...Oops sorry. Yeah there is to much going on about uniforms etc etc
  7. daz

    daz LE


    That would depend on the school, gone are the days when you could nip down to Woolworths and outfit the nipper cheaply providing that then you sewed the school badge on the jumper/blazer etc.

    These days it’s more than likely that the school will insist that you buy the jumper/jacket/polo shirt from a specialist supplier (possible via mail order) that they have a deal with.

    These items will have had the school badge printed on them, and will cost you about 3 to 5 times the price of a plain item, if not more.

    For example, polo shirts for my nippers from the authorized supplier £12 each, plain polo shirts from ASDA’s were £3 odd a pair.

    2 nippers, 3 shirts each for the authorized supplier comes to £72, the same from the high street comes in at £9, now add in the jumpers and other marked items and it’s easy to see why there’s such a fuss in some areas, the uniform is not the problem, it’s the rip of rates that are being charged by authorized supplier in conjunction with certain schools.

    Oh, btw, this is a state primary school as well, I’d understand if it was a public school that the parent elected to send it’s child too
  8. The comprehesive school that my older children go to, I am fortunate to kit them out for under £175 each 8O

    Most of the items are school supplied only and cannot be sourced anywhere else ie. the blazer is at least £50 to start with.

    FYI, the school uniform grants where I live, are £30 per eligible child, every two years. A bit of a difference, don't you think?

    I have SIX children, so kitting them out for school is never cheap. :lol:
  9. Not always the case. My mum has just kitted my sister out for her new school year. The uniform listed that they need can only be brought from one shop.

    Shirts that have the school emblem emroibered 12.50 each
    Skirts with the school emblem 13 quid each
    Blazer 30 quid
    netball skirt again emblemed 15 quid
    P.E shirt 10 quid
    hockey socks 7 quid (emblemed)
    P.E knickers/shorts emblemed 11 quid

    then you have the socks that they have just added, black knee length socks (OMG I feel sorry for the poor child virgin socks indeed)

    and that isn't a private school just a stuck up the arrse catholic school.

  10. I'm lucky.
    For my son,

    Blazer from BHS
    Shirts/trousers Asda
    T shirts Primark

    Badged items from a nominated supplier.
    Sports kit
    Blazer badge

    What angered me was the kit list for son's new school.
    Craft apron- Never worn
    Safety goggles - Never worn

    Both supplied as part of the lesson.

    Trainers. Designated style/non marking sole (£50 nominated supplier)
    Reality? First lesson they were told to wear what they like
    Thank you!

    All in all - mix and match- £200.
  11. who thinks school uniforms are utterly impractical for kids without exspensive.
  12. from first hand experience, this isn't what happens at all. when there are times during which we don't have to wear uniforms, everyone is much more relaxed, with much less bullting going on then usual. for example, my mate david always wears the same sweater/jeans combo, and no one gives a f*ck, because they have better things to bully people about. like having glasses ;)
  13. You can only buy the uniform for my daughter's school from one shop and the bloody blazer is £60 by itself.

    To add insult to injury, its a unique brown colour, and they have their own patterned skirt which you can't buy anywhere else - the barstewards.

    Last time I was in Malaya, I noticed that ALL schools have the same uniform and they just sew a badge on. That's not a bad idea.
  14. My daughters school returned from black trousers and white polo tops to full uniform last sept.
    The school wanted jumpers, blazers etc, with the school logo from specialist shops..a thousand parents all said no way and refused.
    A compromise was reached with the wearing of the school tie and the school badge on a plain black blazer. Everyone happy.
    People power every time :D