School Trip - £1400 per child - WTF???

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by flamingo, Sep 22, 2010.

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  1. My daughter has just appeared in from school with a letter. Her school (a comp in a predominantly working class area) is planning next year to take pupils skiing and shopping in North America for 10 days at a cost of £1400 each. They then whitter on about what a great educational experience this will be for the children involved. First 50 to send in £100 each will secure places.

    Poor mite had tears in her eyes as she handed over the letter, saying to me "I'd love to go, but I know it's too expensive and we can't afford it". So now I'm feeling like a bastard, wondering what can be shelved (like next years family holiday) to afford it.

    Can anybody who understands these things explain;
    1. What's in it for the teachers? (I'm VERY suspicious that several teachers are going to fork out £1400 each for the privilege of shepherding a bunch of kids around a Ski Resort).

    2. Is it normal for secondary schools to do trips of this cost and scale? (She's just started into secondary, I'd like to be forewarned before her siblings start over the next few years).

    3. On a more general point, can trips like this really be justified in terms of the division and upset they cause to those (whom I suspect are the majority) who will look at the cost and say "no chance!".
  2. You'll find that

    a) The teachers are being paid to attend
    b) Part of each students £1400 goes towards funding the teachers to go for free
    c) There may even be some "hangers on" that go - retired teachers, clicky parents etc
  3. Teachers will go free.
  4. well im not a parent but one thing i would say is....£1400? tell them to Fuckoff and tell your daughter you're very sorry. or better yet you could take her for less than that amount yourself!!
  5. Tell her to get a paper-round..........a very big paper-round by the looks of it!

    £1400 is ridiculous for a school trip. Tell her you'll take her and the rest of your family to disney land instead. It'd be cheaper!
  6. Yeah..and it's something that this new Government need to knock on the head, fast. Freeloading shower of lefty bastards.
  7. Thanks, I was wondering if it was just me.

    Funnily enough, Albert, that's the very conversation I had with her - she seemed to think a family holiday to Disney would be preferable.
  8. "Predominantly working class" Is everyone else signing on then ?
  9. Jesus £1400! That's taking the piss.
  10. Don't know, I haven't had a chance to ask any other parents yet. Knowing them, I can think of a few who could afford it, but a lot more who I would be very surprised if they did without serious economising!
  11. Strangely enough my Kids school find extra helpers who are first aiders to go on their trips. All of them were partners of the teachers who were going!

    All paid for by the parents via the cost to each child
  12. Broke my heart that bit. But anyway, one of the teachers must have some internet crush on some guy/girl in the US and came up with this wizard wheeze to get a free flight to bonksville or something. That's an insane amount of money to have to shell out.
  13. Sixty

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    On your point 2 above; one of the women who works for me recently had to pay for her daughter to go to London for five days with her secondary school. After spending-money, she dropped around £800.00 to fund this.

    I can see the benefits; museums, galleries and so on but when I was young *Hovis music* we'd usually end up in Aberdour digging up lugworms.
  14. Best thing to do is join something like the Scouts. Join a good Scout Troop and your daughter will get far better trips for far less money.

    As a guide, I've been involved with month long trips to Canada/USA including ten days wilderness paddling, CN Tower, Niagara Falls, theme parks, good flights, accomodation and food etc. The young people going have paid £1,000 each topped up by £1,000 fundraising. All inclusive.
  15. Been there done that with sprog number one £1100 two years ago for skiing in frog land no holiday that year for Mr&Mrs LLTQ sprog number two tried it last year and got Fu@@ed of at the hi port sunny Cyprus was calling this old git so no trip for him.