School summer fare, Croydon, - TA presence

An ex work colleague was wondering whether a TA unit could send a few vehicles to his son's school's summer fare. (I think it's a primary school.) He's in the Croydon area.

I suspect such a fare would be too small an event to justify a presence (I don't know of the details, but maybe such fares are more of a thing for the cadets to attend?), and I appreciate that it's not practical for units to visit every school near them.

However, on the off chance I'm wrong, does anybody from units roughly around there think they might be able to help? And if so, what would be wanted as a quid pro quo? A recruitment stand (for parents/ older relatives), H4Hs collection, etc?

I'm not sure of the dates - , but if your unit may be able to help, I can pass on your e-mail contact.


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