School set up "controlled self harm" policy for pupil

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Mar 25, 2013.

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  1. Every time I think I could not possibly come across anything more stupid in the Educashun world, along it comes

    School set up "controlled self harm" policy for pupil - Telegraph

    "Teachers were told to give the female pupil access to sterilised Bic safety razor blades and to escort her to a bathroom where she could cut herself.

    They were ordered to wait outside the bathroom while the child was inside, checking on her every two minutes, before the wounds were dressed and cleaned by staff.

    The policy is understood to have been designed by the school in collaboration with the pupil’s mother.

    However, it was abandoned after five days after several members of staff protested and complained to the local authority. "

    What kind of fuckwits could even contemplate such a "policy"?
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  2. Still, at least the parent and teachers presented a 'united front'. Proper discipline that, shows who's in charge.
  3. To be fair it may prevent blood born viruses spreading by using other peoples razors, dirty blades. I think it was very brave to try such a thing. You can't stop people self-harming, not really so at least providing clean cutting equipment is to be treated cautiously but openess may allow more acceptence of the problems and more awareness.
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  4. I read that and though, naaah he's taking the piss, its April the first of something, sadly I find you are not and its a real story.... the world has gone as mad as a box of frogs and going to hell in a handcart.....
  5. Could set up one of those here on Arrse for Earth et al

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  6. maybe they should have given the pupil triangular flapjacks to self harm with.
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  7. Oh well- worth a go. They're dealing with pupils on the Autistic spectrum and probably have to be quite creative.
  8. I have seen a lot of sexually abused people who self-harm, so much so I used to ask prisoners if they had been abused. Some used drugs to block it out;in prison without drugs, they cut.
  9. It's genius.

    To be honest, I kind of like the idea of a teacher going "Here you go then, go for it" and handing over a shiny razor blade when a kid gets precious and threatens to slice itself up.

    I think it's a good deterrent, any teenager worth their salt would soon decide that they didn't want to after all. Stuff that's allowed isn't fun. For instance, swearing's nowhere near as good now as it was when you were 7.
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  10. Could they be helped to find another outlet to express their pain?
  11. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    The child may have done some self harm in a more dramatic way. A child at the back of a class with a razor blade may be a huge problem. Jarrod is right, you cant stop it and the least destructive path may well be to negotiate with the kid for harm minimisation.
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  12. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    The sort of fuckwits that actually have to deal with the self-harming girl I expect. Thus they reduce the risk of wounds being infected, the risk of bleeding and the risk of the kid cutting themselves too deeply by only giving them a small blade. As J has said, self-harm is often a sign of abuse of some sort (one theory being that they were always getting hurt so it was better for them to be in control of it). Setting up such a policy was "couragous" in the manner meant in Yes Minister. In this case it gets supposedly high-brow* broadsheets frothing at the mouth like they are the Daily Mail on speed.

    * Note: Supposedly but the reality falls a little short...
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  13. It's hard to understand unless people have seen it. Probably 20 years ago I was spraying them brutally with iodine to teach them a lesson etc. live and learn.
    I'm glad I know what I know now as 20 years ago I was pig ignorant.
  14. "Controlled self harm" for a youngster at a educational establishment, AKA state sanctioned self harming.

    Positively reinforcing the behaviour at such a young age is a road to escalation in my opinion.

    Certainly a great way for the pupil to get a lot of intensive attention.

    Next stage is it being every pupils right to be able to 'cut' under supervision.
  15. May have been done with best intentions in terms of trying to manage self harm but you really do not have to be any form of genius nor have a crystal ball to work out that it could do nothing other than play out very, very badly in so many ways.

    Hardly surprising that staff reached for that whistle & blew.

    Seen a self harmer at work and not pretty nor something to be dismissed but FFS setting up an ad hoc arrangement like that is simply stupid.

    If nothing else, should have considered the prospect of vulture lawyers picking at their bones and Local Authority as yet another mega compo fest unfolds.