School of Failure strikes again

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Danny_Dravot, Mar 19, 2006.

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  1. just heard from a little birdie that the school of failure has struck again...

    this time by attempting to AGAI x 6 Capts/Majs for alledgedly working together on a project which was (mis)construed as an integrity issue?

    Apparently, the case fell apart at the seams on account of the fact there was no case to answer, yet they all still got detention???

    tell me this is a wind-up - or is it again, extreme cnut like behaviour from da skoool, akin to the "famous darts player sound-a-like" incident where 2 pax were RTU'd for turning up late with stinking hangovers...

    someone must know about this?
  2. I can confirm that this indeed did happen, as I ha d a chat with an eye witness last week.
    I can give you full details if want (PM me).
  3. Sounds about right..........
  4. I presume that goon bde does not think that integrity is a requirment for an officer. If an officer was tasked with completing some individual work as part of a learning course and instead decided to copy his colleagues work..... mmmm, there seems a problem here. Never mind, when the said officers are on ops, he can just get his mates to produce the op order/mission statement as he did not learn how to do it on the course. In any case, it is only soldiers who get AGAIed - so relax :)
  5. [quote="bianchi" In any case, it is only soldiers who get AGAIed - so relax :)[/quote]

    You have obviously been recently educated at the said school. Your statement is completely and utterly wrong. Officers have been and continue to remain subject to AGAI 67 action.
  6. You have obviously been recently educated at the said school. Your statement is completely and utterly wrong. Officers have been and continue to remain subject to AGAI 67 action.[/quote]

    Quite right. I should know! :lol: :wink:
  7. erm, after hearing the story from as near as the horses mouth as possible, it appears that it was a case of cross-wires that was then interpretted as a lack of integrity, and instead of getting to the bottom of it, the book was thrown at the 'offenders'.

    a suspect that's why the AGAI case fell apart?
  8. Goon Bde speaks with great knowledge on the issue - i was on the said course.
  9. And there speaketh a man who knows a great deal about AGAI 67 action and coursemanship!!
  10. Similar thing happened on SNCO CLM at 4*AEC recently. The first bit was abiot of blatant copying. Caught and bowled - go to jail (not literally) but the second (on the same cse) was a case of being told its good to study together, using the AEC computers and being seen working together (as opposed to copying) - then being seen off for plagarism!

    This worried me, I will have to do a CLM soon and was relying on the 'here's one from earlier' technique - purely on the grounds of idleness, not lack of intelligence you understand!

    The other point I raised with the OIC of the centre was 'you all appear to be taking this cse rather seriously. you'd best mention that to the rest of the Army, cos' they're not!'

    As for Bianchi suggesting it will affect the integrity of Offrs or limit their ability to write Op/Wng/Frg/Admin Os, when did anyone write one of those from scratch?
  11. Never been the recipient of AGAI 67 - unbelievably!!
  12. Mate...we never needed AGAIs. We were of the generation that when the Adjt gave you 28 extras, you thanked him, saluted, turned to the right and cracked on.

    sadly the maggots we have coming through the system now can't/won't take it on the chin without going squeeling and demanding an enquiry.
  13. Can’t believe I missed this…………….

    It comes as no surprise to discover that this happened at the school of failure because all the DS in command wing are absolute spongs! With one notable exception there isn’t a member of the DS there that I would entrust field force soldiers with, never mind the future Troop Commanders, Captains and Majors of the Corps. The RLC’s TC cse is longer than other similar Capbadges (e.g REME) and the Corps runs a dedicated Capt’s cse where others don’t. This should provide an excellent platform for further development but it doesn’t because no one there knows what they are talking about or has no relevant operational experience!

    I heard a rumour that one of the instructors on the Troopies cse was only a Troop Comd for 18 months herself (wherein she spent her whole time crying) before going to instruct; is this true?
  14. The bloke who will be taking over as OC of the TC Cse in the Summer will sort the cse out. A very good man, plenty of Op experience and who holds a traditional view about what is required of a Tp Comd (at work and in the Mess). They will not be fat, boring or teetotal. Holograms need not apply.
  15. I'm not sure this is the right way to deal with any "axes" you may have to grind Ford. Your rumour is just that, a rumour; you do not even know this instructor so how you feel you can post such a thing speaks volumes about your decency and integrity.

    Were you ever selected to instruct? I doubt this very much as if you had taken your turn you might have more of an idea what you are talking about and perhaps the experience might have made you a little more respectful.

    If you feel you can improve things I suggest you write to someone of note with your bright ideas for change; it is always easy to snipe from the sidelines...