School of Artillery

Anyone got any information about School of Artillery at Larkhill. In particular the Wksp. Is it any good?
might be a better idea posting this in the Gunner board for more responses

Can't talk about the wksp but its a big place that deals with most arty training including phase 2 so be prepared to look out for marching recruits and drill pigs sounding off at you for strolling around. Larkhill garrison is obviously a big Gunner place with 32, 19 and 14 regts there (1 RHA are down the road in Tidworth) and there are LOTS of top knobs (DRA, RASM etc) so keep away from puzzle palace or your right arm will get tired.

Not sure about the accom, never stayed in it as I was in 32 and this was yonks ago, but the cookhouse and the Gun Club have had a refurb I believe, not sure what the Dragon, whoops sorry, Wagon Lines is like now.

Larkhill is in the middle of bloody no-where on the southern edge of Salisbury Plain, nearest shops are on the packway right by 32Regts entrance, but its a bit of a poke from the School, nearest pub is Wilsons across the road from 32's guardroom, don't see many guys from the School there due to location, nearest village is Durrington, but no-one goes there (unless there shagging a local), they all go to Amesbury about 3 mile-ish down the road with 4 places of interest

The Bell
The Kings Arms
The Sticky Mat

In that order

Stonehedge is running distance away, Salisbury is about 10 miles, this is the closest train station, so you really need a car here.

I was there the majority of 12 years and, bizarrely, loved the place

have fun

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