School Muckout day, any ideas?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Count Baton, May 23, 2012.

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  1. Hi again,

    Got last day of school coming up before Uni, yay, and traditionally we go wild and properly muck the place up.
    I'm sure you've all been there before! :mrgreen::party:

    Any ideas? Thought about hiding in overnight and unscrewing all of the legs off the chairs and locking them away, but want to go a bit more extreme...only got three boys arrested last time :threaten:

    Of course, got smoke grenades and thunderflashes to bomb everyone coming in early :)

    What did any of you do, or would you do in hindsight?
  2. Try this


    On yourself obviously
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  3. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    Gimpy on the roof of the quad
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  4. Juvenile tw*t,,When you are ready to sign up (if you are going to) you will need to provide not only your school report but also a statement of character from your headmaster,,,It's not going to read well is it !!!......
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  5. Grab yourself a copy of the 1968 film "If" and it will give you all the ideas you need.
  6. Some years ago...

    We unscrewed all the door hinges overnight, then replaced the doors back in the frames.

    Also, big bang theory - sheldon gets revenge - YouTube
    All I'm saying is, one in the cistern and one in the bowl...

    Durham did the best one I've ever heard of. Proffed diversion signs all year, then diverted the entire traffic of the south circular through their headmaster's driveway.
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  7. You pop down the gym with a nice sharp knife, and you know that cute PE Teacher you've always had a thing about? Well, fill ya boots.

    Go on, you know she wants it, the dirty bitch!

  8. Rape your teachers. All of them...
  9. Edited to reflect modern values...
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  10. Go to the home economics classrooms and sick your head in the oven with the gas switched on or cut your head in half using the bandsaw.
  11. Release 4 chickens/sheep/pigs numbered 1, 2, 3 and 5, that makes for a fun day. Also fish in tinfoil behind the radiators makes a nice smell. Using the 6th year prefects we spread word that there was a 5th year photograph in the main quad, once gathered we dropped ballons full of various liquids (and the ocasional solid ^_~ ) from the upstairs windows. I miss school!
  12. some bloke called Breivik did something like this in Norway!! so why not go on killing rampage at your school you fucking chimp!
  13. OK I'll bite. Why no number 4?
  14. Shurely a Bren from the School cadet armoury old chap!
  15. That's just sad. Sad beyond fucking words.