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Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by babyblue, Mar 23, 2006.

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  1. This morning I had the rare treat of taking my little girl to school. We had to get there early so she could have a run around the playground etc etc. I was standing there just watching the kids playing and arguing as they do. Then the teachers came out and all of a sudden play was stopped and the kids just started acting like robots as they made their way to their lines. The rule is "you have to be in the line at 9". I stood there chuckling to myself as I could make out the comedians of each class. How the ones who linger waiting to line up but had to be at the back, you can see them giggling and making fun of what the teachers are wearing, pushing the kid in front so he leaves the line. You can see the smile on the teacher's face fading but she is trying to keep it together because the parents are watching but you just know that as soon as they are in the classroom it will change. Then there are the kids who have to be first in the line.... you can work out by spending ten mins in the playground who the good kids are and who the comedians are... personally I go for the comedians everytime. I would add that these kids are aged between 5 and 8!!!!!

    I remember my days at school, I was a kid who would try and make others laugh even if it meant that I would get into trouble for it. I also remember the worst thing a teacher could do was to tell you to "stop talking" or "stop laughing". It would then become a game to see if you could do it without being caught!!!

    Did you enjoy your days at school and can you remember anything you got up to that landed you in hot water with the teacher? Did the threat of "Your parents are going to hear about this" deter you?
  2. No, but being made to eat my dads arse out and being handed around his pals in my school plymsols has scarred me to this day.

    School is for puffs
  3. In the industry that's known as tossing the salad.
  4. I'm very glad to see that I wasn't the only one who used to enjoy private hot tubs with my teacher......
  5. I'm not sure of the terminology, he threw me on the streets as soon as I got hair on my hampton.
  6. I do remember an April Fool prank that went wrong where we tried to stick our teacher to the chair with prittstick (I know, I know :? ) Instead the stupid cheap chair broke, and we had to miss mufti day :D Damm Fascists!

    Also remember forming private army complete with 18th century uniforms fashioned from jumpers.Random.... :(
  7. mmmmmmmmm antics in a Hot Tub, but dont forget the underwater camera.........
  8. I never realised Paul Gadd was a teacher Petal!

  9. ????????????? 8O 8O 8O
  10. Or in Liz_the_nurses case as passing the salad.
  11. When i was about 13/14 i used to have this blonde Art teacher who was about 25/26 and was stunning. Miss Pinkney...... all the lads used to look forward to art class i can tell u.

    Anyway, i got detention once after school with her (i wasnt actually too bothered) as me and a mate were pratting about in class. We were taking off Rik Mayall as Rick in the "young ones"

    Apparently "ere, Miss, Do you want something to hang your washing on?" whilst thrusting your 14 year old pelvis forward, hands on hips in a Rick voice doesnt go down too well.

    Detention was nice tho, i had Rick's voice in my head saying "Oi, stop having a wet dream you little pervy!"
  12. Yeh, but did you cop a feel of her easel?
  13. i fcuking wish, id have had a funny walk all the way home if i did......

    she would have prob said "Master ASS, your 14, and a virgin, u couldnt handle me"

    Me- "Well, if I'm a virgin, how come I know what a girl's bottom looks like??"
  14. What bloody hot tubs? Must have been a Southern school! :)
  15. Many strings to his bow that one, he was right you know playing his 'pink oboe' really did improve my circular breathing :lol:

    Speaking of hot tubs and age gaps am I right in remembering that Goku had a fiddle with a gerriatric grave dodger in a hot tub???

    Goku - she filmed it!!!!!!! 8O 8O