School leavers: cant read/write/have attitude problem

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Mar 10, 2010.

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  1. Who dares say such a terrible thing? Do they not know of the astounding progress in education under Labour??

    Well, one of the biggest employers of them: Lucy Neville-Rolf, Tesco executive director of corporate and legal affairs.

    "....schools were drowning in red tape amid “growing questions” about how exams are conducted.

    ""They (students) don't seem to understand the importance of a tidy appearance and have problems with timekeeping," she will say in a speech to the Institute of Grocery Distribution's conference on skills.

    “Some seem to think that the world owes them a living. The truth is that a certain humility and an ability to work hard are important for success.

    “More broadly, a society where people don't feel the need to work to gain material possessions will not be a stable or successful society."

    Well, welcome to just one more aspect of the toxic Nu-Labour client state legacy, Lucy.

    But oddly enough:

    "Ministers and teaching unions have dismissed such attacks in the past, arguing that standards have never been higher. "
  2. Who do you believe, Ministers and teaching unions? spit, spit, .............. or Lucy?
    What's Sven/Whet and all the other apologists/useful idiots take on this?
  3. :eek: You mean you don't have faith in Comrade Balls, Minister of Indoctrination?
  4. It is not the children's fault, it is those who are in control and command of them!
    Undisciplined teacher = Undisciplined pupil.
    When i was at school we were punched, slapped, beaten and generally humiliated, but i tell you one thing, it shaped us up well to the realities of the real world fast!
    Today teachers are not allowed to do this sort of thing or they face being locked up with everything else that entails!
    Today, i here stories about teachers on drugs and having affairs\sex on the school premises, and we wonder why school leavers have problems!
  5. Corporal punishment isn't necessarily the answer. There are schools where standards in the real world have risen, while there are many where they've gone to hell. It all depends on the way they're run- a school with a "modern" headteacher who goes for all the up-to-date methods will produce scrotes. An old-fashioned headteacher who inspires while maintaining basic discipline will produce smart (in dress and intelligence) kids.
  6. Might have been better off teaching you some English instead of just beating the shit out of you though. :p
  7. We have got a 2nd generation of feral kids attending school.
    If they get no guidance, love from home why should it be left to schools to pick up the pieces.
    The social experiment of the past 25 years have failed, children know their rights but not their responsibilities.
    Bring back corporal punishment, proper detention and have parents sign a contract with the school when their little cherub starts; outline what their behaviour, decorum, dress code et al should be.
  8. Although I could read, write & do maths when I left school, I feel that was really the only skills I have needed in life. Most of the lessons were filled with bullsh!t like, how to make a pizza, or a cake, playing with a bunsen burner which funnily enough I aint done since, and dray a picture. Also, make a box out of wood, play fcukin rounders, tennis, basketball, TAG rugby, french? why the fcuk did I need sit there for 2 hours per week just to say "Je me rends!" surely we should grasp English before attempting another language.

    I think education should be filled with core subjects like Maths, English, History, Basic Science (we aint all going to be become scientists are we ffs), & PE. Also, if my old lady did not show me, I would not have had a clue how to work a washing machine, open a bank account, pay a bill, setup a DD etc... all things that are essential to life. I also underachieved due to going with the bad crowd, no choice really, 5 years of hell or be a cnut and fit in, I made the wrong choice, but my kids will not.
  9. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    They are molly - coddled into thinking they can achieve anything, regardless of how stupid or spacker needs they are. I hear that writing essays in 'txt speak' is acceptable in Schools and sixth form colleges now. Well, despite the propaganda from the Ministry of Disinformation, students are not all 'A*******' winners. It is now just that more easy to research how to ace your tests on the internet. And the tutors virtually walk the pupils through the exams now anyway.

    Balls is Cyclops' long - time Igor. So of course its jobs for the, boys. And girls. As in his wife. Doesn't mean they have the first clue what they are doing of course. But thats politics, eh?
  10. She may have a point, but remember, she is a paid-up gobshite cünt who will take anybodies shilling

  11. Perhaps as a nation we should start to ask if we could learn from other countries? The Tories are talking about Sweden, but IMO that's less to do with educating children and more to do with an idealogical commitment to marketisation of anything that doesn't run away quickly enough.

    Speaking as someone who sees the final product of national education systems on a regular basis, I have to say that very few of the ones which routinely punt out disciplined, knowledgeable and capable people have even the slightest hint of the market about them.
  12. msr

    msr LE

    I think you are confusing 'education' with 'skills'
  13. Perhaps as a nation we shouldn't just take the word of industry lobbyists and fat cats that education is failing and our kids are a write-off. The fault is not just with education. Industry has also failed to make work pay, training is poor and career advancement sometimes non-existent.

    Its Tesco's for fucks sake. Its the kind of shite job you just have to fcuk to death, because they are fcuking you too!
  14. Told you I underachieved :D
  15. I was at school around 40/50 years ago. I can spell, write, count and generally hold a conversation with anyone. I can work things out for myself, I do not need to hold anyone's hand, I can get by under my own steam. I did not go to university but rather college.

    My children, both uni-educated to Masters degree level, are the same as me. They can get by in the world without the help of others. Those of their age (mid-30s) are generally in the same boat. Their children are being brought up in households in which the parents show love and caring.

    OK, when I was at school, a slap in the back of the head or a piece of chalk flung at Mach 3 by the teacher tended to concentrate the mind. And did I go home and complain that my human rights had been offended? Did I fukk! I knew that my dad would continue the punishment so I tended to behave.

    IMHO, bring back corporal punishment and for the parents who raise these little fukk-wits, attendance on a course to learn about parenthood. If they didn't attend then their benefits would be curtailed.

    No doubt one or two do-gooders will say that by restricting the benefits, the children will be penalised. AND?

    (Checked for spelling and grammar before submitting!) :oops: