school holidays need to be staggered!

Discussion in 'Travel' started by headgear, Oct 25, 2007.

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  1. We were having an chat in the office the other day about booking holidays and the cost etc and we came to the conclusion that if schools staggered they're holidays then:

    1. holiday company's wouldn't be able to 'hike' up the prices at the same time every year

    2. the road network wouldn't be swamped with caravans and holidaygoers all at the same time

    3. it would be easier for parents to get leave as workplaces could spread the load as not everyone would want to be off at the same time

    4. Singlies wouldn't be forced to pay the extra price to have a holiday- just because its the school holiday season

    5. less scrotes would be hanging around on street corners graffitting and stealing and shooting each other etc.

    6. swimming pools and other leasure facilities would maintain a constant level of customers - and holiday resorts wouldn't be so manic

    All things considered there doesn't seem to be any negative points or were we wrong? - I can't understand why this hasn't been implemented before!
  2. Take a leaf out of the Mcanns book! Sell the kids off to some Russian child smuggling gang for a tidy sum, then no more worries!

    I myself, having no children (except the ones I've purchased from Russia), I take my holidays when all the kids are at school.....therefore.......wherever I go won't be swamped with annoying kids......gobby mothers.....and all for a fraction of the price :)
  3. All good points Head but here's the thing; the travel companies will hike their prices up regardless of when the holiday period falls. If it's spread over 2/3 weeks then the price will remain high for that length of time. I am afraid its basic demand and supply.

    If its any help, a couple of years ago the Travel Companies got their dates wrong and the entire country got cheap holidays as a result. Result kind of
  4. Keep it the way it is. It means that those of us whose little darlings have fled the nest can benefit from cheaper holidays 'out of season' and not be subjected to little Johnny running amok during dinner. We have served our time and deserve a bit of peace and quite while on holiday. OTT
  5. School holidays should be BANNED! Not staggered!
  6. Good idea but the country sits the same exam on the same day.

    The holidays are already staggered, some counties had half term last week some this week. If you have a child in primary school in one county and another in secondary in another they may have different holidays. Border towns like Tidworth are particularly susceptible to this problem.

    Scotland and NI have different holidays to England and Wales.

    Your idea can end up like R&R, the lucky ones get it in the middle but some will get it at the end/beginning.

    Next Easter will be interesting as some counties have a long weekend over Easter then two weeks later the two week holiday. The big problem is that Easter is not static and moves and having a term that one year is 12-13 week and the next 8 is a planning problem.

    Moving every one onto a 6 term year is the way ahead.
  7. Children should be banned, then there would be no need for schools - with or without holidays. Lower tax, less chavs and cheaper holidays. I really can't see a downside.

    Oh, except that the world population will all die out is about 90 years... Never mind!
  8. Seems to work OK in Germany. Here they stagger the holidays by Bundesland (county) and they seem to manage the exams on the same day over the whole country.

    Makes a huge difference in how much I have to pay the holiday company, this year NRW was on summer holiday early (end of June) so I got my holiday for 60% less than normal. Will have to pay the normal price next year though.
  9. Yes, but think of all the environmental issues that would solve, not to mention the ever-presence of world peace. Surprising the EU hasn't declared such a policy already when you think of all the 'up-sides'...
  10. I make a pint of telling the young ones that they need a good education so that they can get good highly paid jobs, because they are going to pay for my retirement.
  11. Your only saying that because you can't turn your scrotum into a womb :D