School grades

Hi all, the role I am going for requires me to have a level 4 in maths, and I currently have a level 3. Would it be worth attending college to try and get a higher grade or would I have to find another role?
Indeed - as others have said - improve your education for life. I had a mature student who wanted a change and came back to college to get her grade C. She did and is now a PCSO and is very happy. Another ex student was sounded out about going onto his company's management training programme. The first question was 'have you got maths and English at C. He could answer yes to both.
I wish to be a CMT, attached to one of my local reserve units. One has a free place at the moment as their CMT went into the regs. My English grade is an A so I have no problems with that side, just a D in maths.

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