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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Crazy_FOO, May 10, 2006.

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  1. The FOOlets are approaching schooling age and I'm taking a periodic view of whether I'll stay in until I succumb to death, disability or disgrace or what's out in scary civvy street. NOt decisve but part of the equation will be the school fees issue. My question is: what does Boarding School Allowance actually get and how much on top should one expect to be paying. Choice would be a prep school somewhere down South.

    Any thoughts or advice gratefully received.
  2. FOO, have PM'd you with my minimal knowledge. Might be worth badgering the shiny arrsed types in the RHQ Forum
  3. sheldrake

    sheldrake RIP

    Now then Crazy FOO.

    Don't live up to your name, stay where you are man!

    I'm not sure how much the allowance is worth these days, but the shelducklings are costing this old drake £23,000 per annum, day school, without travel, sports kit, school trips etc. That's about £40K in real money and explains why I can't save for retirement, poodle about or just drink myself to death. Unless you're seriously minted and titled, or you feel you can walk into an £80K job, stay where you are and use the system.

    Thank God Shelduckling Senior is off to Uni next year. He can get a bloody student loan from here on in and stop sponging off the Guv'nor!
  4. As a fossil who is some several years beyond this stage (but whose bank balance has yet to fully recover) let me offer yopu my sympathy for the path you have chosen to tread. First up: the allowance never keeps up with increases in fees. Second up: you'll be between a rock and a hard place as to whether you choose the school you can (just) afford (usually a dank, dismal gothic horror crewed by sex register rejects) or the one that you would like your children to attend (invariably one that requires you to top your parents in the hope of inheriting something early and which is so "naice" you have to park the banger you are reduced to driving 5 clicks away from the school when collecting the kids for an exeat). For prep schools there are precious few scholarships on offer (start grooming the kids NOW to get at least a part scholarship when they go on to the next stage of education) but there are some which are allied to secondary schooling establishments or others which are preps within a secondary establishment. For Army families there are often bursaries and some schools (Clayesmore in Dorset as an example) have grants for children from certain regiments (D and D in the instance I've given.) On the assumption that you will pitch your kids in at a median point between the two extremes, and in a place that both they and you are happy with, expect to addabout £ 300 per child per month toyour miserly government stipend. Prepare to increase it to £500 when senior school beckons and as for uni........
    Welcome to the wonderful world of penury. On t'other hand, put the nippers up chimneys to earn a crust.
  5. Best of luck mate! It's cost me even more once they started going to university. You will be paying for so many things you will think that it has been cheap up to now. Roll on July 2008 when the last one graduates. I've got a colleague standing next to me whose eldest is about to start and is about to weep at the thought of the bills to come.

    Mind you, the eldest is living back home since graduating and the poor little Mini Me is paying rent. That's the way to get your own back on the little Wallet Leeches.
  6. sheldrake

    sheldrake RIP

    Like the cut of ya jib, abeaumont.

    Make the little arrse pay, eh?

    Seeing as I can't get the lazy little bugger to even pitch in around the farm, I don't hold out much hope! He seems to think life begins and ends in Oxford. Still, I think there's mileage in remdial fiscal punative action in some form or other.

    Now then.... Where did I leave that wallet padlock..........? :wink:
  7. Foo.. I went to a school on the white cliffs at the age of 11. Not sure what the costs are now but it was certainly cheaper and the education better than the private school my sisters went to. Your service qualifies your kids the right to go there . No girls during the time I was there, but there are now.
    PM if you need anymore
  8. FOO,
    You get a maximum of about £4K, per kid, per term, but of course you are then must be paying at least £400 per kid of your own money. Then you need to consider the costs of any extras, music or dancing etc. Plus you need to factor in any travel that the army wont cover. for example that will be all tyravel less befining and end of term. (half Term and Exeats are all yours!) Then you need to consider the cost of visiting the school from wherever, at least twice a year yourself + Mrs FOO. Oh and don't forget uniform, sports kit (Tennis racquet/hockey stick etc)

    With 2 kids at an middle ranked school, with fees for military linked to the CEA rate, I have to find about £2.5K each term from my taxed wage. It really wazzes me off as there is no choice as far as i am concerned and if all those with kids at Borading School declined to keep their children there this September SCE would collapse as it simply could not provide the education to all its dependancy.
  9. Blimey 8O 8O

    I thought we paid a lot for our two each term which including extras was never more than £1100 a term. Add to that travelling expenses for exeat and holidays which was around £150 a term. Luckily daughter finished A Levels last year so we are down to about £650 each term for everything.
  10. I have been watching an advert on telly were it suggests it only costs 60p a day for a kids education. Sounds like a bloody good deal.

    I think you may need to pack your sprogs off to Africa though.
  11. While there are some who may squawk at the thought, there are also two schools which specialise in service children - Duke of York's Royal Military School in Dover (see camman's post), and Queen Victoria School in Dunblane. Both now accept the children of officers (QVS used to insist on at least four years soldier service) and both are now co-ed.

    They aren't an extension of "services schools in BFG", but independent establishments. Check them out.

    (I will confess that Gravelbelly Senior's fence-rattling-padlock-counting tour got him a visit to most Cadet armouries in Scotland, and hence a behind the scenes view of all the boarding schools; guess where I ended up :roll: My sister ended up at a fairly-well-known Edinburgh school, and didn't get as much value)
  12. Spot on GB, but of course these establishments would never be able to cope with all Service children who are required to board.

    I believe that MOD would just love to get rid of CEA, but that there are no easy alternatives - mandatory unaccompanied service being just one unacceptable.
  13. Crazy,

    Last allowance payment (Apr) was £4557.00 but remember that whatever school you select you will always pay a minimum of 10% excluding uniform, tennis kit, football boots, etc. Comment from Rickshaw is deadly accurate: the increase in allowance never matches the increase in fees. With 20/20 hindsight I would select a school without compulsory exeats, that offered transport to airports at term and half term and cost about 20% less than the one I selected. On a positive note, when a tramp asks me if I have any spare change I can say no without any guilt, it's all taken by boarding school.
  14. Or get out and teach. 60% fee reduction for staff, and 18 weeks leave a year - always a winner. Of course, I'm now stuck here until number two is eighteen - and he was 11 weeks old on Sunday...
  15. BK!

    BK! Old-Salt

    Get yourself killed and Wellington College in Berkshire will pick up the bills. Lets face it, with the pittance you will have left after paying the fees while alive, you might as well be pushing up the daisies.