School Enrolement Procedures/Advice

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Gunner_REMF, Sep 2, 2013.

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  1. As usual, advice required: My youngest lad (14 years old) has decided he doesn't want to return to his Mother down south and wants to go to school in this area. His mother has been the primary carer but he has told her he will not return to her. I cannot force him to go back. I have approached a local school today and now await a response from them. Has anyone been through this? Am I liable if he doesn't return? Does the new the school need his mothers consent? can he make up his own mind? Any constructive advice/help would be welcome. He is due to start back at his present school Thursday this week.

  2. It must be up to his mother, his current school will be sending the kiddy catcher after her when he doesn't tip up for the new term. You could contact your local education authority for advice & to sound out the water about local school places.

    Nothing like leaving it to the last minute, I'd think the best cause of action would be to ship him off back to mum in the meantime.
  3. Why can't you force him to return?
    You're the adult he's the child!

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