School collecting to send to Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by crabby, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. I was very pleased today to see that a couple of 14/15 year olds in the school I work at are organising a collection of money/goods to be sent to those in Afghanistan.

    The items they asked for included razors, shaving foam, chocolate, toothpaste/brushes etc, but is there anything else they should/could advertise for? (I know this has been done before, but was wondering if there were any urgent and new requirements?)

    Anyway, in summary it made a really rough day which had me believing everyone under 16 has no braincells and morals into a more bearable day!
  2. maybe writing materials
  3. Wh o are they collecting for? I thought Terry didn't shave? :D
  4. Wah?
  5. Baby wipes, Talc, magazines and pictures of the 6th formers
  6. Yeh, they know about baby wipes, but not Talc. They're not sending any magazines of any description! Apologies
  7. Crabby, check PM's
  8. Talc , mycota creram , anything for foot hygene, man I allways suffer in the frigging desert with foot problems!!
    Baby wipes is a very good idea, instant eveything from bums to full wash!
    Ill tell you what went down a treat last telic was bovril. marmite, or vegamite, its got loads of salt in , that and a pack of crackers and me and team were like pigs in sh!t!
  9. Preferably of the female sixth formers (unless you are sending them to the RAF it which case young males are fine)
  10. I know I've had a few, so not too compos mentis... but is this a wah or what?

    Brilliant... lets send shaving kits to the pashtuns... that'll make them forget a few hundred years of tradition and get rid of those islamist fundamentalists. And then the magazines... pre loaded or what?

    If someone now says photographic vests with lots of little pockets... then I'll know.

    If it's not a wah and has anything to do with the really needy (and I am out of date) - String (para-cord) - makes everything from laces to homes.
  11. It's for British Soldiers... not the Taleban... other than that good work :)
  12. BB - I think you should go for a lay down
  13. Vehicles, weapons, troops, kit .........
  14. The best they can probably provide would be 50cc mopeds, chav mongs and a quota of illegal handguns and sharp knives on that front.

    Best leave them to donating shaving foam rather than have it turn into a knife amnesty!
  15. Marmite in squeeze containers, oxo cubes, chocolate drinks in individual packets, small tins of Pilchards mixed with beans are nice, body and foot cream, You can buy small pieces of toweling about the size of an handkerchief which fit easily in the pocket and make good sweat rags, Packets of lemonade powder if you can buy it, Chocolate log they store well and are nice. Send it in a plastic box they can be used out there! I forgot small packets of curry powder. See your local Tesco and they may leyt you buy them at staff prices or make a donation of food!