School Cadet Forces at a Comprehensive Near You?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Thunderer, Oct 15, 2008.

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  1. The BBC has just reported on a story about the cadet administrations wanting to introduce school CCF units to state schools.

    No link (unless you want to watch the Six o Clock News).
  2. Is this the result of Gordy's speech or was this planned anyway? Seems a sensible idea if numbers are ok.
  3. Well they don't need shooters cos they have more than enough of their own
  4. Why not give the stupidly large amount of money they are spending on the three cadet forces that already recruit from state schools. oh wait sorry forgott that would be sensible.
  5. I hope this proposal would not change recruitment policy for detachments that currently meet at comprehensives. My ACF detachment met, and still meets, in the grounds of the school up the road from where I lived in the 80's, but it was open to anyone and not a school based CCF. My parents sent me to a catholic comprehensive on the other side of the city. If this had been a school based detachment I wouldn't have been able to bike to parade or have the opportunity to make friends with the lads and lasses in my neighbourhood.
  6. More bullsh!t the ACF have had Det's in local comprehensives for years, my County had at least three that I know of in Cleveland and had plans for more and that was back in 1995.
  7. This has been doing the rounds for a year or two.

    More cadets is not a bad thing. Wasting money on duplication like they are planning is.
  8. Had a good giggle at the way they were wearing the Clansman earpiece headband...
  9. Is this what I saw this morning?
    Some kids in civvies,with some kids in green,firing catapults,and crawling under invisible barbed wire?
  10. There wouldn't necessarily be duplication if it was handled sensibly. Is there any suggestion in the proposals that they'd spend money starting units in areas where there already are contingents?
  11. Are you sure that wasn't an ATR?
  12. If the gubmint are hoping that encouraging teenagers to join the CCF will somehow make them more disciplined, then boy are they in for a shock, a big one. I have been involved with the SCC for quite a while now and everytime I happen to meet or have anything to do with the CCF I am shocked at how undisciplined they are. As a group I wonder how they manage to find their way to scran as their heads are usually so far up their own a&$^es. That by the way is aimed at the staff as well as the CCF cadets.

    Surely putting more funding into the three main stream Cadet forces and encouraging teenagers to join them would be more sensible than pushing them into an organisation that is based in grammar schools and aims to provide the "Orcifer class" for the services.

    The teaching unions have expressed concern about recruiting into the services from the CCF, thats a laugh. IIRC the amount of CCF cadets entering the forces is very low compared to the other cadet forces. Ninja may be able to throw some better figures into the pot though.

    Another good idea totally screwed by a government who is looking to try and correct a discipline problem that was started generations ago when the loony fluffy right on people started to get a voice.

    And breathe
  13. If we keep talking about the three cadet forces, the booty cadets are going to throw their ipods at us :)

    I can see the points made about the CCF, but I wonder if a) there's a way of making them a bit less clueless and b) whether being a CCF cadet is better than not being a cadet at all?
  14. The Booties cadets are a part of the SCC just as Big Booties are part of the Andrew (where's me tin hat)

    You do have a valid point though, maybe it is better to have teenagers having something constructive to put their time to, no matter who the training is delivered by.