School boy hit by bus

poor bloody driver
dumb numpty kid

am i evil for chuckling?

edited to add: to be fair the driver was in the cycle lane, but still a dull tw@t!
Poor drills on the bus drivers behalf.

IA on running over a Porridge wog - reverse over his head, ensuring its bloodline can't continue.
Presumably the little conflab the driver and passers by are seen having is to decide how to divvy up the kids wallet and possessions?


Should have tried harder on his school report!
I hope the bus driver sues that little cnut for every penny he'll ever earn working at Tescos and his parents for making him in the first place!
I used to go to that school many many moons ago. The barrier he jumped over is directly opposite one of the school main gates.

He obviously was in a rush to beat the que to the chippy to get his portion of Haggis and chips.

These are the steps he would have run down which lead on to said barrier.

Obviously the barriers they put up to stop the school kids getting run over at lunchtime dont work.

Police said

"We took statements from several hundred outraged passengers on this bus, who were furious it's journey to Woking had been delayed, several passengers on the back seats were however seen wailing, and furiously scribbling poems of condolence, involving wether toffee apples were available in Valhalla just in case the boy was dead."


Free finger printing option, read the item!

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