School Boy Excluded For Being Health & Safety Risk

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ukdaytona, Sep 27, 2007.

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  1. A report in the Daily Wail today has highlighted the plight of a young lad with a food allergy. He carried an Epipen in case he suffers a severe reaction but the school have excluded him on the grounds of Health & Safety. They have offered him a place in the schools 'inclusion' unit but his parents refused to send him back.

    Is the School right or wrong in its approach as it never bothered his Primary School.....
  2. The nut allergy was just an excuse... the real reason is the kid is a Gwar and the stench of pee and cabbage was upsetting the other pupils.
  3. I though that ALL schoolboys were a health and safety risk. Thats just the nature of the beast. And usually its an allergy to soap, isn't it?
  4. I'm a teacher in Dundee and I've got plenty of kids who really are dangerous. No chance of kicking out some nutter who has punched a teacher but if a kid is allergic to something...
  5. Whilst I am always wary of taking anything the Wail prints as being completely correct, they have a habit of only prinitng the part of the story that fits their own agenda, it would appear the school has been caught with it's pants down. My neice has carried an epipen for years, all though school without any problems (mind you the fact her mum is a teacher may mean she knew better how to manipulate the system). It would appear that the school is failing in it's duty of care, and the local authority ids failing in ensuring that it's schools can provide an appropriate duty of care, but did the family do enough to ensure the school was ready for their little darling or just ignore the problem till it was too late. Many secondary schools run programmes to ensure that any such problems are ironed out before their new batch of little darlings arrive, did this one, and did the family do their bit.

    As I said the wail often leaves the important details out if they detract from the Wails agenda.
  6. Maxi, while I agree with your comments re the Mail, I would of thought the school would of had some sort of trained First Aider who would be able to take this on board???

    My OH works in a nursery and they all have to hold a valid First Aider certificate so would of thought schools would need something similar with x first aiders to x children ???

    Also, a story about a school in Luton (ethnic tensions) reads one way in the mail and slighlty different in the Beeb....

    so yes, the media will portray stories in a light that reflects their political view point but since when have they ever let the truth spoil a good ole lynching ???