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Apologies if this is posted in the wrong place.
Can anyone tell me if any of the army or navy run school based challenge activities? I have been tasked with organising a challenge day for a year group and I think they would love anything which involved physical tasks, team building etc etc. I have tried a google search but have not had any success in finding out what may be available. If this would be better posted in a different forum I would appreciate a pointer.
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Why don't you try to find a nearby school with a CCF detatchment? They should be able to help.


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Google SkillForce, Commando Joe's or Challenger Troop, all of whom do stuff like this. If you don't have a budget they may give you some advice.


Skill force are excellent... I have a friend of mine who used to work for them... I can give you his details if you like?

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can vouch for skillforce too. they usually work with what they call "challenging" kids. usually the ones in year 8/9/10 who are disaffected and disengaged from education, often with some serious behavioural problems and really crappy personal lives (15 year old drug dealer?) their selling point is that pretty much all the staff are ex-military although some are just outdoor types.

they are split into regional teams (eg NE is in Newcastle) and will have staff with experience of running all sorts of things. they'll also have access to all sort of kit. nothing that goes BANG though. for that you should contact a cadet force.
Contact your local recruiting office, they will have the details of all the local recruiting teams that could come into your school and run some activities. Be warned, if there's no recruiting value in it i.e. the kids are only 5, they won't come in.
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