Hi, I have passed my eligibility and medical forms and now have my interview prior to the GAIC(O) and AOSB. I have spoke to my regional careers advisor who holds the rank of Major, and he was in fact very informal and was very helpful.

I know somebody who holds a scholarship and a undergraduate bursary so I've had a few words with him about the stages. One piece of advise he gave me was to read a book, did anyone who has been through this process get asked questions on a book the have recently read? Can someone reccomended a good choice? I myself was thinking of some sort of military related book with a relatively hard reading difficulty.

Also, I have read that some of the interviews are informal and some are pretty serious, can someone tell me about their experience and the sort of questions they have been asked? (I have read through previous posts similar to this but just want to be up to date and thorough). Thanks
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I didn't get asked about any books in my interview, but I'm sure reading about military history or something equally relevant won't hurt.

The interview questions are a mixture of being informal and formal, so be prepared to be having a joke one minute and discussing your life choices the next. They don't expect you to know everything about the military itself, but you'll need to know a fair amount about current affairs regarding the military and the wider spectrum. As for actual questions asked, expect the stereotypical "why do you want to join the army?" but also slightly more unusual questions like "have you ever made a difficult decision in a relationship?".

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