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Mate of mine fancies going in for the sixth form scholarship scheme, probably next spring. Now I wish him all the best, not one to slag off a friend and all that... but he's, politely put, a power athlete (salad dodger in normal English). He's convinced that he doesn't need to do any training, all the PT required is a 500m sprint and an obstacle course, and 'they're only judging effort anyway'. Now reading the army website it is, granted, less than clear about whether the normal press-ups, sit-ups and mile and a half running are tested on this board. Now I don't want to come at him like a massive bellend, but equally I wouldn't be too happy if he failed because he hadn't done the training.

Anybody who's done it care to set him straight?
First fact you should point out to him is that these things will be hotly contested and given out like hen's teeth.

If he is slightly...portly...then maybe he wants to think about his committment, rather than rock up thinking all he has to do is attempt it and he'll get a place. That is deluded!
Having narrowly missed one of these 30 years ago my advice would be that if he really wants to get this scholarship he should leave nothing to chance.

If his "best effort" means taking 5 minutes to waddle 500 m and then collapsing in a heap ...
Thanks guys. Unfortunately the pdf suggests he was right, but as you pointed out if there's competition - which there will be - giving 100% and doing it in a minute is better than giving 100% and doing it in three.
Got the Scholarship two years ago.

I was told afterwards that my physical performance was less that amazing (had spent two weeks boozing abroad just before my board) and that I really needed to work on it. However he did say that the army could help with fitness but not effort/mental ability etc. so not to worry.

That said, it all depends on how much of a salad dodger he is and how much his intelligence will compensate for it. He needs to remember that:
a) the assault course requires a long jump (which maybe not be his best event) and failing the long jump will hold him up for the rest of the course (which should be completed at least once if you want to be in with a good chance)
b) passing with a Scholarship will open up a lot of Potential Officer visits which will almost always include a PFT and other fitness activities so being able to run now will go a long way to help him out later on

Please wish him luck on my behalf - any other questions then PM me and I'll try to help.

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