Schokolade schnell weg

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vortexringpiece, May 15, 2011.

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  1. Was reminded of a some squaddy german such as the above, (meaning shit pipe) and wondered if anyone else remembered any others??
  2. Straight Jacket at the ready, thats squaddie german for 'Fcuk off back to the Asylum, prick'
  3. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

    Huere-seich = whore's p*ss - used mainly in Switzerland and the border. Used when dropping a heavy box on flip-flop toes.
    Insel-Affen = Island apes - refers to Brits in general and not to our friends and comrades the Rock Apes.
    Du Depp = You idiot - mainly used in Bavaria.
    Bloedder Englaender = Stupid Englishman - usually followed by us Scots "disagreeing" with the Krauts.
    Affentittengeil = fecking amazing, equivalent to "Fancy a beer mate?", "I'm rather up for that old boy."

    Of course there was Arschloch, Ficken, Bumsen, Trekken and Neil's favourite phrase "Gibt es 'ne Beatte Uhse in der Gegend?" - remember those wank booths. I don't, of course.
  4. Stopsemfloppen - Over Shoulder Boulder Holder.

    Du cnut - self explanatory

    Du kannst an mein gesicht auf sitzen - maybe!
  5. Ein schutzenfest polizei..........A fair cop
    Nichs feil polizei...................Not much cop
    Auser den baum....................Out of their tree
    Alter Wilhelm........................Old bill
    The German spelling may leave much to be desired as may the loose translations.
  6. Der Scheelkuten kopf, beroot der kiedung = Turtles head is touching cloth

    No ridicule will be accepted for shite spelling.
  7. Kartoffel Tschuss - Tatty bye
  8. We had an Officer with us and his name was Richard, inevitbaly he became known as Kleinepimmel (Little dick) later extended to Kleinepimmelkopf (Little dick head) much to the amusement of the Germans in the camp who burst out laughing when they saw him.
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  9. Schildkrote is Turtle. No idea what the word you typed means?? ;)

    Fick mein alte stiefle - fuck my old boots

    Drei stuck bonbon - three peice sweet

    Die Alte Wilhelm - the old bill

    Mein Opa hat dein imbiss ausgebombt - My grandad bombed your chipshop
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  10. Thanks for the correction Smudger
  11. Polizei deise Johan - Cop this John
  12. Autoschlusselhosen = Khaki trousers.

    Fluglinksuntermieter = Flight Lieutenant
  13. As Smudge said, Der Schildkrötenkopf (which directly translates as "Shield-toads-head") berührt die Kleidung", but the modern Huns say "Am Stoff kauen", = Chewing cloth, or "Ein Kirschkern im Arsch" = A cherry stone up the arse.

    Hope this helps......

    Edit: I d like to use the like button on all your posts (but wont), me and the missus having a good chortle here. No. 1 in the charts at the moment is...................

    "Drei stück Bon-bon" as 3-piece suite

  14. No it isn't.
  15. Benzin Bahnhof - petrol station