Schnell Imbiss.

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by ringdoby, Oct 8, 2011.

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  1. Can't remember the last time I was this excited, which shows how ******* dull life is at present.

    Anyway, driving past Aldi's in Ashington, Northumberland I spot some boxhead flags on a temporary wooden structure (relax TID, I didn't say 'shed'. Shit.) in their carpark. Sure enough, bratty's, frikadellen, and Currywurst (with proper curry gewurz ketchup) cooked over a charcoal grill. I had the Currywurst, very nice. MaccyD's can kiss my hairy fat arse, this is proper fast food.

    Apparently they are also at Newcastle's Quayside Market every Sunday.
    "Tel und Gina's German Bratwurst Sausage Booth 01670 511230".

    No, I'm neither Tel or Gina before some ****** accuses me of advertising.

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  2. Eshington has gone up in the world having an Aldi.
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  3. Ashington is an absolute ******* toilet, it ranks even less on the shiteness scale than Blyth.

    It's full of "salt of the earth " working class folk (chavs with dogs) who's only contribution to society is funding the local dealers next plasma TV purchase.

  4. Brum & Leicester have the same nearer Christmas each year
    Regular trips to BAOR always see me with shash lick sauce up to the eye balls and enough in the suitcase to settle my fix until the next urgent trip

    Hamburg Roll Mops anybody?
  5. Last time I was in London, I stumbled upon (into?) a Boche place near Embankment, Villiers St IIRC, which did a schmasching currywurst.

    First, they came for the pommes...
  6. IIRC wasn't there a German style schelly/shop on the lower high street in Warminster at some stage. Going back to 2000 so probably out of business now. The Gyros reminded me of Jim Blakes in Oznatraz.
  7. There's a stall just inside Leicester market that sells Currywurst sauce, Schaslick sauce and Zigeuner sauce. I think it's mainly a Polish stall but has all the good stuff. Currywurst sauces in original (black top), extra knoblauch (green top) and sweet (orange top). Also stocks German sausage as well as Polish.
  8. The Bread Basket near the Co-Op roundabout and the "Amusement Arcade" in Market Square in Richmond also sell currywurst, gyros and all that jazz.

    I'd go, but I think since the last time The Kurgen and I visited the Market Tavern (shit-hole), they've got posters up saying I'm not allowed within 50 metres of the establishment, and the Bread Basket is too near the Indian place I "liberated" a calculator from a few years ago. Ho hum.
  9. Hermann Ze Germans ;-)
  10. That's the badger! How the hell did I ever forget a name like that?
  11. There's a wurst place in Lewisham near the Halifax which does all that, also sells big bottles of curry ketchup which I am going to bag for home use.
  12. Schnelly wagon at tidworth RBL some weeknights and it does lovely Giros.
  13. No arguments here. I dislike both places.
  14. They even have a big ASDA now. They had to close down the football ground to build it, mind you.
  15. It's almost unbelievable to think that if you travel 10 minutes north you are in some of the most stunning scenery in England.

    Ashington would benefit from permanent flooding.
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