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  1. I couldnt believe it I was driving out of the range (shop not big field for wasting ammo) when what did i spy......a fecking bratty wagon... i nearly creamed my knickers.......couldnt stop though as i had Mrs kidney with me and the 2 sprogs.So i shall be doing a recce very soon to check on the quality of his boxhead delicacies.
    Anyone interested should go to the Cowdry centre off cowdry avenue in Colchester its opposite the entrance to the range (shop).....
  2. Ah, Schnell Imbis, the brain is a truly a strange thing, its been years since I was in Germany, but I,m juicing up (mouth not trousers :wink: ) at the thought.
    Sadly, I'm a long way from Colchester and have to make do with the faux bratty wagon in Guildford. :(
  3. or the bratties sold by Lidle(sic) .
  4. I guess it depends on which side of the channel you live on. I live in Germany (as a Civvy), so when I go to UK it is a full Monty (the breakfast, not the film) for me nearly every day. My wife is German, so we have to eat breakfast at "diverent times"*. Honestly, what is wrong with pork sausages, tomatoes and bacon? I have _never_ had vomiting fits from it.

    At the moment I am on a project in Connecticut, so try and explain an English breakfast to these people [guys]. Only today I was in Target an' asked where are the yo' mu'fa' f00kin' crisps, ya ho, mu'fa.
    "I'm sorry sir, what are you looking for?"
    She was polite, but I knew she was thinking "Yo, mu'fa', stupid white guy can't even speak English" (But she may have left the apostophy out of the "can't")
    So, I thought, true, they aren't [aint] called crisps here. But what is the yo' mu'fa' name for the crisps?

    Then I remembered. "Crisps...errr...Chips...errr...Potado Chips"
    "Sure Sir they are here" (thinks: yo' mo'fukin' pese' o' shit, even gets lost in a store that is the size of 2 football pitches)
    "Well thank you, mam" (thinks: I learn quick, but how can someone that large actually fit between the aisles)
    "Thats OK sir, but is 'Crips' a certain product name?"
    "Err..., no, it's just the English word for potado chips"
    "and I was aksing* myself where that accent come from"

    "Yes, er...England, and,..er,...thankyou"
    "Ya'll have a nice day."

    (I was alone)


    *yes, I know how I spellt it, for both words. The rest is just ignorance.

    Edited a bit, coz phpbb2 doesn't like every word that you write
  5. A local perveyor of glüwein here at the traditional Christmas market in Herford informs me (every time I meet him!) that his brother lives in England and has a couple of Bratwurst stalls in summer that also sell Glüwein in winter. He's never sober enough to explain exactly where they are but one's somewhere in Birmingham and another in Manchester.

    This may not help anyone craving that true German after Bierkeller experience, but it does show that they are out there, you just need to find them.
  6. Echo what 'At_ease' says...

    Lidl maybe Scandanavian for welfare... but they flog Bratties, Frikkadellas, Mayo done the way it should be, not Hellmans style and of course Gluwhein.

    When the Donut does Barbies, he still does it as if cooking on a cut in half 45 gal drum and assumes everyone has the appetite of a Shire horse.
  7. nothing but nothing beats Fat Willy's bratty shop in the early 80s in Detmold (now closed and you cant call him fat now,it would be CCW, Calorifically Challenged Willlies) and mutti's just down from Hobart Barracks for the very best Gyros in the whole of Germany, how I wish she would marry me and bring the business to the philistines in UK,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  8. Fat Sams pizza's - A grubby little pizza shop under the railway bridge in the middle of Detmold, before they rebuilt the bridge.
    Sam was a really fat bugger who used to drip sweat into the pizzas as he was making them. Stayed open until early morning, so was a favorite port of call for the boys staggering back to Lothian Barracks. Pizza's were out of this world tasty.
  9. Nice one TM :) Every time I drive under that bridge I glance over and can almost see him...
  10. Ahhh Schnellies.... Bratties, Frikkadellas and the like browning away on the grill, has to be a rare sight in this fine land of ours and to be honest well missed since leaving BAOR way back..... :(

    But life is looking up, at a secret Airbase, deepest depths of Wiltshire, the name of which shall remain forever guarded... there resides a certain pervayour of these fine products (ok a geezer wot deals a mean grill) knowledgable in the fine art of the Schnell Imbis who breaks out the fl*min great big barbie thing on a regular basis and grills up for the BASE!!! (charity thing and all)

    Now this is well good... but.... the office is next door to the grill point and the savoury smells drifting thru the open window when L****** Schnell Imbis is open for trade could be described as verging on torture.......... and ya just know the 'fix' is right outside, funny though, civvies? they just look at ya all strange loike' as the tenth brattie of the morning dissapears in three easy bites....... :roll:

    Life is sweet! :lol: :lol: :lol: Gonna have to get some Jagerschnitzel on the menu this year mind,
  11. Have to agree with you there T_M. Always used to order a #2 mit ei and his gyros was to die for. And in those days a tab up the Hack the next day ensured nothing went on the waist. Sadly not been to Detmold for 20 years now but the waist line is already expanding at the thought of that gyros..mmmm .
  12. 1988 - Oracle passed out in that very establishment - due, I think, to an all day Saturday (and possibly into Sunday) session and not to the seafood pizza I was eating at the time.
  13. There was a schnell imbis used to come to the raf families club in Norwich , maybe the same one in Colly
  14. Aldi do better frikadella's than lidl and i always make sure i have them and brattys on my BBQ!

  15. Having Currywurst and chips tonight (my own recipe). Morrisons sell some nice Bratwurst