Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by exdropshort, Apr 17, 2009.

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  1. i have had a genuine invitation to attend an interview and the likes with the above mentioned company.

    i was wondering whether or not anyone has had such interview or works for schlumberger and can give me a few hints and tips on what to look out for, this is my first job interview since leaving the army as well so the arrse is giving it 5 pence 50 pence to boot .

    any help would be muchly appreciated by posting or pm, thanks in advance

  2. Mrs Gwanga was an engineering planner with them. What post are you going for, is it installations?
  3. they have offered field engineer so far, trying to get as much info on the job as possible so i dont go in blind, if mrs gwanga has any info i will be more than happy to accept it :D
  4. According to the long haired one, the engineers she had were issued with vans and were given a petrol allowance. On first job/ in depot by 8.30 and then task and leave thereafter. Her lads pretty much worked autonomous and kept in touch via phone/email text. Any q's I'll pass them on.
  5. Schlumberger are good to work for, they are mad for health and safety at an almost evangelical level
  6. worked for them overseas a couple of years ago, what product/service line are you interviewing for?

    Chat was Schlum pay you double, but work you triple and its not far off the mark.
    Fresh out of the forces with a good work ethic, self discipline and a bit of drive, they will be very happy with you if you have the necessary skills/quals.
    The training/induction is good, and in some areas setting industry standards. it gives a very good grounding, especially in O&G.
    Its a steep learning curve and it can be quite a political organisation. Some mentoring is genuine, some is a recce for a knife!
  7. ok latest news is interview on the 3rd of june 09, i have to do a five minute presentation a maths and mechanical exam then the 1 on 1 interview, its for a field specialist within the company.

    i will post more info when i have it from them in the next day or so but any info on the above criteria would be appreciated

  8. Which division of Scumberger are you applying to?
  9. H3

    H3 LE

    If it's offshore they will own you !! burn you out and expect you to work every moment of your time at home or in the office in short they are a bunch of c**ts ....... been there done that left after 11 months .

    Hope it's another division your going applying to .
  10. I know a load of people who have worked for them, one very senior. A bloke in the queue at Houston airport summed it up - "They have a very aggressive HR policy".

    One of the geophysicists I knew saved up to build his house in the Canadian wilds, ran out of money, took the job back on to finish the house, instantly jacked it in, became a mountain guide. His first job?.................Taking a bunch of Schlumberger employees out for a quarter of the money they were on :D

    Every single one I met left - set up their own companies, opened restaurants, saved enough not to work.

    Backbiting, client-oriented, driven.......................ultimately made ill. In a boom too many people make "fakyoo" money, and leave. At the moment it will be very different, everybody fighting for the remaining chairs.
  11. ok update ....
    today was the day for the interview ... field specialist role offshore starting as a basic engineer ... just awaiting the phonecall now with the good or bad news ...
    actually working for the western geco side of the company so hopefully it will be ok, if anyone has any questions on the interview techniques etc they are looking for or with help on the tests the give you etc pm me, i will help all i can
  12. They are American wherever you work for them. They lay down the rules and you work to those rules - no debate or 'I thinks.'
    If you fit in, very good employers.
    Best of luck if that short profile fits you. If not - go elsewhere or it will all end in tears.
  13. A couple of other things came back to me - they keep loads of geologists and geophysicists from the third world hanging on paying them sh*t money and coining it in from their work, holding out the prospect of one day getting an "International Contract" and earning the big dough. I also heard an amusing story from a Canadian who had been working off the coast of Africa with an Italian who thought he was money driven. They are dossing on their beds in horrendous heat and smell on a rig waiting to do their stuff. The Italian sits up every few minutes and begins banging a few numbers into the calculator. Eventually the Canadian asks what he is doing. Turns out he is working out how much money he has made since the last time he checked. Few weeks later they are on a training course on-shore. Half way through the Italian jacks in both the job and the course. Canadian says, "Why?" Answer - "If I pass they will only send me back on a rig. I'd rather be poor".

    I know one Schlumberger employee who really bought into the cult, and was a bit upset when the reality behind the ideology bit her on the arse.
  14. Thats the best description I've read about SLB yet!

    So they're a bunch of c**ts because they pay you lots of money for working long hours?

    I spent 14 years working huge hours in the Army for peanuts, I worked for SLB for 8 years, worked massive hours but at least got paid accordingly.

    Don't join this company if you expect a easy time after the Army though.

    I left recently and am now semi-retired - well, I work in the public sector, same thing really. :D