Schemes and Exercises

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by MightyGem, Dec 19, 2007.

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  1. Been reading a WW2 novel today where they went on "a scheme" rather than "an exercise". Now my dad was in the Army in the 60s and always went away "on a scheme", but when I joined in the early 70s it was always "on exercise".

    Anyone know when it changed?
  2. I've often heard old soldiers going "on manoeuvres"...
  3. Mighty; well observed my mum always used to talk about my dad going away 'on scheme'. That said, she used to refer to him as being a 'scheming bastard' on regular occasions too...
  4. Dunno exactly, I think it just evolved, when I joined in '69, ISTR the, then general, expression was going on scheme. Gradually as older soldiers disappeared, the terminology changed.
    I suspect that it orignated from the many vast exercises that were more prevelant when the Army was so much larger.
    On the other hand I may well be talking utter bollox(1)

    (1) This phenomena is not entirely unknown.
  5. I still go on scheme.

    I think a lot of Inf and Cav Regts still refer to it as 'Scheme'

    The AAC should really call it 'Camping'

  6. During 40/50s I think it was manuvres

    60/70s schemes

    80> exercise.

    I recall thre being a schemes troop for taking new bods on exercise at a training unit recently.
  7. The ex Cav and tankies (same thing in my opinion) in the Corps used to call it 'scheme'.

    In the Inf, we just used to call it 'getting fcuked about on Soltau/Sennelager/Hohne for 6 weeks at a time'.

    As for the AAC, yep, just aggressive camping really.
  8. I love the imagery conjured up by the term "aggressive camping".
  9. My dad was 17/21 L. Was ALWAYS 'schemes.' Mind you, I recall his lightweights were referred to as 'denims'. Or it may have been his coveralls. Or something.
  10. Probably because they were denim, rather than polyester. Just hasn't got the same ring to it really, has it? "I'll just put me polyesters on and get down the tank park". :D
  11. Denims and lightweights were a completely different kettle of fish. Not to be confused with Trousers OG. IN HK we were issued with all 3. Dress regs were like a schemata for chinese fire drill.
  12. I think 'Schemes' sort of died as the old Nation Service types left.
    Existed in the Cawalry for they always did things their own way.
  13. We in light blue call them excursions or holidays ;)
  14. Well, my first exercise with the AAC was certainly a holiday compared with that with the Engineers. When it got dark we went to bed, instead of going to work!! Not quite the same these days though.
  15. Still refer to "Scheme-Dodgers" :D