Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Apr 28, 2004.

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  1. From The Scotsman

    Ha ha, always good to see one of the cutting-back lying gits in the poo. This should cause him some problems with the Celtic-supporting members of his constituency!
  2. Would this be the same George Galloway who saluted Saddam Hussein and who only yesterday described Castros Cuba as a shining light. Pot calling Kettle etc.
  3. Would this be the same George Galloway who was so quick to sue when stories of his various unsavoury associations were published?

    I think we should be told.
  4. Schad..schod...schaden who? enough already with the big words, theres Matelots using this board you know. :?
  5. Gorgeous George may well have holidayed at Saddam's expense, but it's not like he ever tried to hide it. A bit like Tony Benn, hate his politics but you know where he stands and he's not hiding anything.

    this new labour lot on the other hand...

    Jack Straw, former president of the NUS.
    Lord Irvine of Lairg the previous Lord Chancellor, formerly Tony and Cherie's Pupil master when they were trainee barristers. He also cuckolded the late Donald Dewar, mrs Irvine was formerly Mrs Dewar.
    Lord Falconer of Fat twat, formerly Tony's flatmate.

    Shall i go on?
  6. If Billy-Boy Adam pitches up and expects a parade, maybe he could lead it as a baton-twirler! Or borrow a flute from a bandsman!

    When he was young he had no sense, he bought a flute for fifty pence :twisted:
  7. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

  8. My old OC (may his tribe increase) was at Leeds when Straw was Union president there. He told me that the Union at that time insisted the portrait of the Queen be removed from the refractory and banned the OTC from wearing their uniforms on University property.

  9. And on it rolls...

    No uniforms during my student days due to security considerations.
    However the budding politicos at the union declared no stand for the war mongers at the freshers fair.

    "Comrades! at the barn door in front...Carry on!"
  10. We still can't wear our uniforms on University Union property as the Gay and Lesbian Society block us getting the ban repealled. Also commissioned officers cannot hold a union appointment (but the union seems to forget this...)

    And so the Anti-Army feeling started by Jack continues at Leeds, on the plus side for Jack, the ban on him entering the Union (due to his actions as Home Secretary) has now be cancelled so he can now come back for a drink.
  11. Should he be invited please let me know and I will supply the eggs and assorted fruit and veg. Interesting that he was banned from the Union presumably by the same sort of petty stalins that he was when he was there.
  12. Kel

    Kel Old-Salt

    Isn't this a discrimination of a minority? So much for the freedom to express oneself. Thought the union was meant to uphold everyones right to this. If they are being selective and deny your rights, tell them you object in the strongest terms to the representation of a bunch of arrse bandits and their unnatural acts.
  13. Get to the OTC/ACF board girls :D
  14. Really monkey surely even someone dim enough to be in the AGC (RMP) should realise that this is about Man of Straw not an OTC.

    For the record I was never an OTC officer cadet though reading some of your other posts I can see why you have chip on shoulder (or am I confusing you with someone else?)
  15. yes this is true, very very dim thats why i also went to leeds and attained a first - because im stupid. What part of the army are you with?

    Someone else