schadenfreude- defined as, 'delighting in others' misfortune'

It's only natural. However I got the stink-eye from a reporter when I laughed as they fell down a 'snow bank' in Surrey this morning. Annoyingly they are not going to use the 'piece to camera' and I can't post it here so I've added some clips of other reporters getting into bother to cheer us all up.


following through in white jeans...not a good idea.


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when i were a lad I arsked this loverly girl out for a date , but she knocked me back saying that she were washing her hair that night , i never heard that one before .

Couple of weeks later she was going out with my mate , he had shagged a Turkish bird over the weekend so when miss refusal said he could have her cherry he went steaming in and told me and my mates all about it . A week later he had to inform her that he had the clap ! boy did i laff.

contrary to revised history back in the 70's we didnt see a lot of social desise in my neck of the woods .
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