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I'm looking for a short clip to show my class for a lecture on teamwork, unit cohesion and esprit de corps. Am sick of them being a bunch of whiny snitches, who'd happily stab their classmates in the back if they thought they'd get a merit award out of it.

They're Year 9s, i.e. around 13 yrs old, so anything with swearing is out and that pretty much gets rid of anything decent after the 1960s. I'd originally thought about the scene from The Dirty Dozen where they all 'down tools' and refuse to shave with cold water and start bonding as a group, but I don't know if it's really what I'm looking for. Ideally around 5-7min long to fit in morning registration. Anyone know of something appropriate?
Yeah good call, but obviously the whole series will over-run a morning registration. Any particular scenes you recommend?
The scene in episode one where one man is sent to run curahee and the rest of the company follow him


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Carry on Sgt where they go from being a shambles to getting it together

The Way Ahead towards the end of that when the ship ges hit and Willaim Hartnell is trapped

The bit in Band of Brothers where the SGT's band together in episode two to get rid of the Capt
It may not be suitable (too short/swearing/violence etc.) but there is a brief scene in Full Metal Jacket when the Marines are pinned down by a VC and one of the Marines, mortally wounded and lying in the open, points out the VC's position to the rest of the squad, despite knowing that his mates can't help him without being killed themselves.


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The bit in Ice Cold in Alex when they move the Ambulance up the hill. Should be something British.
The bit in Ice Cold in Alex when they move the Ambulance up the hill. Should be something British.
With the exception of the Nazi pretending to be a Saffa, of course...

I think that's the best suggestion so far. The part where they forgive Sylvia Sim and go and get it back up the hill, shows how a team should perform when things go wrong. You've got everyone doing what they're best at; the WOII with his technical advice, leadership from the scrawny one, muscle from the 'South African', whatever it is the beautiful Sylvia does...The only downside is that it's B&W, so they may not take it seriously.

You might be able to fit in the part in The Way Ahead where they get 'killed' on the exercise, have their regimental history explained to them by David Niven, then go round and round the assault course until they do it in 19 and a half minutes, feeling pleased with themselves, but it's a bit drawn out.


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I'd recommend the speech from David Niven addressing his troop of recruits back in the block after they jack a section attack to finish the FTX early in the way ahead
Contemporary: al pacino's dressing room speech in any given sunday

Bridge to far: german's asking for surrender, is "piss off" too stong?

Will think for others


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"I'm Spartacus!" Now why didn't I think of that one?

Thanks for all the ideas folks. I think we can get away with an occasional 'piss off', so might take a look at that. I was thinking of Ice Cold In Alex too, but was actually thinking about the end scene where the three Brits let the spy know they've got the drop on him and cover for him. The idea is that you might not like the kid sitting next to you, but you're part of the same team and have to get through things together etc.

We Were Soldiers could be interesting (the Sitting Bull lecture for Lt Col Moore while their listening to ionospheric bounce of US advisors in a contact) and the Curahee scenes in BoB are always good. Hmmm, maybe I should make a greatest hits compilation for them?
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