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Scenes of a challenging medical nature

Well that’s the warning used on a wanky tv programme about the daily life of a doctors surgery, my missus watches it, to my bemusement
Every time it’s a procession of needy, wheezing, blue legged mongs who seem unable to navigate a normal day without some cry for help. Nobody ever seems properly unwell, but they keep coming back to soak up NHS funding like big fucking stupid sponges, and of course, the doctors can’t say what they are really thinking - fuck off out of here, there’s fuck all wrong with you
But the best bit is the warning in each ad break about scenes of a challenging medical nature.........fuck off!
Then there’s the shite the BBC spout at the end of any programme where somebody has suffered a minor inconvenience...........”call this number if you’ve been affected by the issues raised in this programme”
What sort of thin skinned fannies do they think we’ve become? Twats!
Is this the GP show? It's a pisstake and almost makes you want a private health care system like they have in yanksville. It's even funnier when it's that same old bloke who goes in every other day and his symptoms are just old age.

I've only been to the GP twice in the last decade and both times it was because someone in my family was diagnosed with something and I needed to get a blood test regarding it (both times negative), and even then I always feel bad about wasting their time. No wonder NHS is shitting the bed financially when they have to deal with these mongoloids.
Well, the BBC info on these type of programmes says more than 1 million people have contacted their action line and they sometimes get hundreds of people all ringing at the same time.
So there must be a load of thin skinned fannies out there.
Stick with it until the second episode, when the new practice nurse turns up to help with the backlog of middle aged guys like us who need prostate exams. Watch as the entire surgery is challenged to find enough KY for the medical procedures.

That reminds me that I'm having spiral cut ham and spuds for Sunday dinner. :chef: Dingerr take the rest of the day off lad. Some aspirin and a bit of ointment on the stump and you'll be as good as new.
That reminds me that I'm having spiral cut ham and spuds for Sunday dinner. :chef: Dingerr take the rest of the day off lad. Some aspirin and a bit of ointment on the stump and you'll be as good as new.
I’m far too busy running around to take the day off.
A friend of mine, a nurse, had a repeat patient called Mr Bott, (really) who used to continually get himself ambulanced to A and E with complaints about his arrse.

The amount of NHS time he wasted insisting that he had his arrse examined was phenomenal. It was nothing a good wash wouldn't sort, apparently.
Its not going to get better either, I went up against a chap at football (work colleagues playing 5-a-side each evening) and his shoulder smashed into my chest. He went off injured.

He then went to the work medic as the pain was making him sick.

He then went to his doctor who told him to rest it.

Not satisfied he went to A&E who gave him an xray, said nothing was wrong and sent him home. He took a week off work and 2 weeks off football.

On the other hand I ended up with chest pains, but as I felt OK generally and could feel a painful spot on my chest I knew it was probably a bruised rib, carried on working and playing football and 4 weeks later its fine.

He was 20 years younger than me the fooking soft lad. He was telling his story at work and said after he hit me he landed on the ground and "it was lucky it was soft". The guy sat next to him said, "its not the ground thats soft its you".

Toughen up princesses!

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